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Tuesday, October 10, 2017


It is a sure bet that the four anti-Trump constituencies will become apoplectic if (as expected) Donald Trump de-certifies the infamous "Iran Deal." You'll undoubtedly hear hysterical Democrats exclaim that Trump has enabled Iran as a future nuclear power (forgetting the hard fact that Barack Obama's "deal" already has done that.) The WaPo and/or the NYT will publish leaks from members of the deep state in which Trump is characterized as a warmonger or a "moron." The GOP elite will sagely straddle the fence, suggesting that Trump is too impetuous and that other (undefined) approaches might have been better. And the trained hamsters of the main stream media will collectively howl, telling us that Trump will lead us toward armageddon.

The Mullahs and Vlad Putin (you recall, the guy who they tell us Trump is in bed with) have already begun to make ominous threats. The "global community" is clutching its pearls, afraid that a clear indication that the Iran Deal is a progressive fantasy will upset lucrative business deals with the Mullahs.

Let's all take a deep breath. Iran was developing nukes prior to Obama's catastrophic capitulation in which he rewarded the fiction of nuclear cessation with $150 billion. Obama's deal has no teeth, no effective mechanism for determining whether Iran is actually violating its provisions (despite what the IAEA and deep state "diplomats contend), and astoundingly, allows Iran to build nukes in less than a decade.

Iran, on the other hand, has done NOTHING to convince the West that it is any less belligerent, any less hegemonic, or any less a state sponsor of Islamic terror. In fact, it has escalated its negative behavior in all three areas.

If the Iran deal disappeared tomorrow, nothing much would change, except that instead of kicking the can down the road, when Iran would be even more dangerous, we might have to deal with their treachery sooner. I suspect that a plurality of the Iranian people don't want this, but the Mullahs—a collection of brutal, dictatorial and hyper-ideological rulers—do. And it's the Mullahs we have to contend with.

Yet the elites tell us that we must maintain the fiction created by the Iran deal. We have to make believe that the "deal" in place today will somehow moderate Iran's behavior and make us all safe. That making believe that Iran is a non-threatening actor will somehow make it so. The deal is a sham that provides enormous benefits to the Mullahs, but essentially no verifiable or long-term benefit to the West.

For the past 30-plus years, Western elites have conducted the same deal-making with North Korea, and now the NoKos have nukes and the mechanism to deliver them. Over those decades there were multiple unenforceable "deals" (seasoned with billions is "aid") with the NoKos (analogous in many ways to Obama deal with Iran), all pushing the fiction that all was under control. Until it wasn't.

Now the elites have the chutzpa to suggest that a different Trumpian approach is somehow ill-advised?

Nice work, elites. Let's follow the NoKo model for Iran and see how it all works out. Oh ... wait ... we already know how it'll work out, and it isn't pretty.