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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Left Behind

Millions of words (including a few in this blog) have been written about Bo Bergdahl, the disgraced Army Sergeant who deserted his unit in Afghanistan and was captured by the Taliban, only to be given a hero's greeting by Barack Obama when he was exchanged for five Taliban commanders imprisoned in the West. He recently pleaded guilty and will be sentenced shortly.

Because the Bergdahl story makes Democrats uneasy, their narrative about the prisoner exchange relies on the notion that the United States leave no member of the military behind. I personally agree with that position, even if we had to release five Islamic terrorists.

A recent exchange on a talk show between a Democratic talking head (DTH) and a Republican talking head (RTH) went something like this (paraphrasing slightly):

RTH:  "I think it's disgraceful that Barack Obama exchanged Bergdahl, who was a deserter, for five Taliban commanders."

DTH (indignant): "I thought you'd be the first to argue that Barack Obama was right when he decided no warrior should be left behind in a war zone."

RTH (pausing for a beat): "Too bad he didn't think that during Benghazi."

Oh ... Snap!