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Tuesday, November 21, 2017


Clintonistas (yes, they still exist and are poster-children for Trump Derangement Syndrome) are the first to suggest that Donald Trump and everyone who ever spoke to him, did business with him, or even came in incidental contact with him should be "investigated" by the special counsel. They continue to believe that once the investigation is done, Trump will be impeached and magically, Hillary will become President and take her rightful place atop the political pyramid.

Okay, then.

Of course, the Clintonistas take a different view of an "investigation" when it might be directed at their queen bee. They're scared to death that serious DoJ investigations of Hillary's participation in Uranium One, in Fusion GPS, and in an email scandal of her own making might be initiated.

Cass Sunstein presents the Clintonista argument that in theory is legitimate but in reality is designed to inoculate their dishonest and corrupt leader from accountability while she served in the very government Sunstein purports to protect:
Prosecuting political rivals and their associates is a tactic of authoritarians, and it reeks of authoritarianism. It suggests that political victors will not be content to have won; they will bring the force of the criminal law against those they have defeated.

That suggestion is dangerous to self-government and political liberty. It tells people who dissent, or who support rivals to current leaders, that they may be at risk. It turns opposition into an act of courage, rather than an exercise of rights.

Prosecution of political rivals politicizes the Justice Department, and in the most damaging way. Sure, the attorney general works for the president. But in a free society, prosecutorial judgments should be, and should be perceived to be, objective – rooted only in the law and the facts. Whenever national prosecutors pursue a political opponent of their president, many people will ask, naturally enough: What is the real motivation here?
Immediately after the 2016 election, I was of the opinion that Hillary should be given a pass—that investigating her obvious dishonesty and corruption would roil the body politic and do more damage than good. That it was worth allowing Hillary to skate to keep the peace. I am no longer of that opinion.

The truly unhinged behavior of the Clintonistas and Democrats in general, the unrelenting calls for Trump's impeachment, the evidence-free and McCarthyesque Russia "collusion" accusations, the questionable, tunnel-vision focus exhibited by Robert Mueller's investigation (so far) have changed my mind. What goes around should come around.

Marc Thiessen comments:
Ever since Watergate, the mantra of all major corruption investigations has been to “follow the money.” Well, Americans of all political stripes should be outraged by the fact that both Democrats and Republicans in Washington are up to their eyeballs in Kremlin cash. Russian money found its way into the pockets of not only Trump advisers like Paul Manafort and Rick Gates — who were recently indicted by special counsel Robert S. Mueller III — but also Democratic power lobbyist Tony Podesta, Bill Clinton and the Clinton Foundation.

This should suggest to objective observers that Russia was using its money to influence both sides in order to advance the Kremlin’s interests. And it means that any full and impartial investigation of Russia’s efforts to influence our political process needs to follow the Russian money flowing into the coffers of the Clintons, their foundation and their top associates.

The New York Times reported in 2015 that “shortly after the Russians announced their intention to acquire a majority stake in Uranium One, [former President Bill] Clinton received $500,000 for a Moscow speech from a Russian investment bank with links to the Kremlin that was promoting Uranium One stock.” In total, $145 million went to the Clinton Foundation from interests linked to Uranium One, which was acquired by the Russian government nuclear agency Rosatum.

Think that was just a coincidence? As former federal prosecutor Andy McCarthy points out, the Uranium One deal is not a national security scandal, it is a corruption scandal involving “Clinton family self-dealing.” Ask yourself: How many half-a-million-dollar speeches has Bill Clinton given to Kremlin-linked banks since Hillary Clinton was defeated? How much Russian money is flowing into the Clinton Foundation’s coffers today? If it Donald Trump had given a $500,000 speech paid by a Kremlin bank, and his private foundation had accepted $145 million from Putin-linked oligarchs and their Western business partners, do you think that his critics would be insisting there was nothing to see here?
Maybe the answers to those questions are what has Clintonistas so upset and defensive. Yeah, yeah, I know, it's all just a right-wing conspiracy and poor Hillary, the perpetual victim, has been wronged yet again.

Maybe even-handedness is the right approach. Investigate Trump and investigate Hillary. We'll see who gets a cleaner bill of health.