The further to the left or the right you move, the more your lens on life distorts.

Sunday, December 03, 2017

A Fairy Tale

Once upon a time there was an evil ogre named Donald Trump, who was put on the earth to destroy his country. His tens of millions of supporters were all deplorable—a mob of rabble who were beneath contempt.

In an election that everyone thought he would loose, the ogre Trump somehow managed to defeat and humiliate a wonderful progressive princess, Hillary Clinton. The good people of the land were horrified and angry and "scared." It was a dark time.

"This cannot be happening!" they cried. "After all, we spent twice as much money, had the media in our pocket, vilified the ogre Trump, and even enlisted the ogre's own party against him—and our princess lost!!"

The princess and her court thought and thought, and one wise advisor said, "We lost because ... Russians!"

The good people listening and nodded their heads.

"Yes, it must have been the Russians," they exclaimed, "after all someone as honest and true as our princess couldn't have lost because her ideas and those of her beloved predecessor were bad, could she? Never!"

A handsome prince, Robert Mueller, was appointed to uncover the alleged machinations of the cabal between the ogre Trump and the evil Russians He searched the land looking for a magical sword that would slay the ogre Trump. But as hard as he tried, the search found nothing, and the prince became increasingly desperate. His band of deputies, conveniently all supporters of the princess, decided to throw one of the ogre's advisors, Michael Flynn, in the dungeon for lying about how he communicated with the evil Russians on a non-criminal matter having nothing whatsoever to do with the election. In fact, the lie was about events that happened after the election.

The court jesters (a.k.a. the main stream media) paid no mind to that inconvenient fact and yelled "hear ye, hear ye", proclaiming that Flynn's troubles were a clear sign that the ogre was working with the evil Russians, until they realized their "facts" were't facts at all. They banned one of the jesters (ABC's Brian Ross) for one month because his reported claims were ... fake news.

Undaunted by this reality, the good people of the land squinted and pursed their lips and wished even harder that the ogre Trump would be brought down by handsome prince Mueller and his merry band of deputies. They gleefully envisioned the ogre's impeachment and his removal from office in disgrace. Somehow a progressive spell would be cast, and Trump's Vice President, Mike Pence, would be magically eliminated, and every GOP politician in line for succession would disappear ... and princess Hillary would take her rightful position as Queen.

As lilting music played and unicorns romped, the land would be returned once again to the "good" people, and the deplorables would slink back into their lair, never to be heard from again.

The. End.