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Saturday, December 23, 2017


As Democrats struggle to find something—anything—that implicates Donald Trump in their fantasy of Russian collusion, their spokespeople now tell us that "sources" (ah ... that would be the same fake news "sources" that have been proven wrong repeatedly over he past year) tell them that the president is on the verge of firing special counsel, Robert Mueller.* You can almost feel the glee underlying these predictions. After all, if Trump were to fire Mueller, he would undeniably, irredeemably, unquestionably be guilty of ... well, of something. After all, if they can't get Trump on fantasy "collusion," they're perfectly willing to get him on make-believe "obstruction of justice."

No matter that Mueller has been at his investigation for months and months and has come up with just about zero to implicate Trump in collusion. No matter that Mueller's team is seeded with Democrat partisans. No matter that almost every week we learn of anti-Trump bias among top investigators for the FBI. Trump, if he's smart, won't fire Mueller.

Kurt Schlichter pulls no punches (does he ever?) when he writes:
Let’s see, Mueller got Paul Manafort for stuff he did back when the idea of President Trump was still a far-out Simpson’s gag. He got General Flynn for doing what Trump fired him for. He got some nobody named George Platypus or something for lying about something that means nothing. But did he get anybody for collusion? Anybody? Did his unbiased, Trump-hating, committed Democrat minions ever even leak any evidence of it, since they’ve leaked everything else? Hey look, tumbleweeds!

This pseudo-scandal is a joke, a scam, a desperate attempt by the establishment to try to claw back the power We The People relieved them of when we dissed their dominatrix Felonia Milhous von Pantsuit. And they are showing the same level of skill, savvy, and raw competence that led us to give them their walking papers.

It’s a toss-up as to whether Mueller is too dumb or too arrogant to bother hiding his team’s indisputable conflicts of interest and manifestations of improper intent that should shock the conscience of any American with a shred of decency – a category that excludes the vast majority of the mainstream media, liberals, and the cheesy Never Trump weasels of Conservative, Inc., who yearn for a return to the days of olde when people paid attention to them and booked passage on their sad sailing adventures.

Mueller is a bad joke who doesn’t seem to be in on it. He’s bumbling forward, apparently ignorant of just how horrible it looks – how horrible it is – to have hired no one but committed Hillary donors for his team. Actually, it’s much, much worse than that – he’s actually hired lawyers who represented some of the unindicted criminals associated with the Clinton mosaic of corruption. Perhaps in the world Mueller inhabits with tools like Jim Comey, another buffoon who loves to preen in the glow of a once-spotless reputation that he chose to Schiff all over, this plays. But in the real world, in our world, it’s a sham, and not a very good one at that.

So, Mr. President, please don’t fire this guy. Let him stagger on for a while longer, destroying the façade of credibility our establishment betters thought they had constructed and that forms the basis of their shabby identities. He’s got nothing, and he will always have nothing, because the idiotic salve for the suckers that was Hillary’s excuse for losing to you – THE RUSSIANS DID IT! YEAH, UH, THE RUSSIANS! – was always a fraud, a way for that drunken aspiring tyrant and her coterie of slobbering courtiers to explain away their humiliating failure to beat you.
At its core, it's not about the Democrat's grave concern about justice, or their worry about Russian meddling in our elections, or about nefarious actors who represent a "threat to democracy." Nah, it's about loosing and how one party has spent a solid year creating their own warped psychodrama—the one where Trump is a monster who threatens our very way of life and is working with Vlad Putin to destroy our democracy.

After all, the only thing that matters is: #Resistance or #NeverTrump.

Great strategy. We'll see see how it all works out.


* Trump and other White House spokespeople have repeatedly denied the president intends to do any such thing, but in the Dems through-the-looking-glass world, that's solid confirmation that Meuller's tenure is in jeopardy.