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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Biased and Bitter Hacks

The Democrat and GOP elites furrow their brows and speak in solemn tones when they discuss the interaction between Donald Trump and the news media. Their voices nearly break as they decry Trump's "attacks on the press" and "the threat" that represents to the American people and an open democracy. They cringe when Trump characterizes once-respected outlets like NYT, WaPo and CNN as "Fake News." Meanwhile "journalists" at those and many other mainstream outlets bristle at the accusation and become uncharacteristically defensive whenever it is levied.

It's all hypocritical nonsense, of course. The media is conducting an outright war against this president. Objectivity and accuracy have been jettisoned and replaced by Trump Derangement Syndrome. Epithets that would never have been used on any Democrat president are as commonplace and they are ridiculous.

This morning, Donald Trump and the White House published its "2017 Fake News Awards." One can only wonder whether the NYT, WaPo, CNN, MSNBC, WSJ, ABC, NBC and the rest will give these awards as much coverage as, say, the Golden Globes. I doubt it, but I hope they're wrong.

Any person who doubts that media bias is rampant, that vituperation has replaced accuracy, that the (Democrat/progressive) narrative now drives almost all main stream media reporting should consider each instance mentioned in the awards and ask himself/herself: Why have all of these media missteps, inaccuracies, and narrative-driven errors (so serious, that media people have been forced to resign) occurred for this president, but not for his predecessor?

All presidents have an adversarial relationship with the media, but no other president in my lifetime has been so relentlessly attacked, often without merit or basis in fact. The mainstream media is often "fake news," particularly when Donald Trump is the focus of a report. The "2017 Fake News Awards" (be sure to read the entire article) couldn't have been given to a more deserving group biased and bitter hacks.