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Monday, February 12, 2018


I often refer to the majority of modern "journalists" as trained hamsters, given their allegiance to the Democratic Party. Their bias is palpable, refusing to investigate wrong-doing or scandals when they're tied to the Dems, omitting stories that might reflect badly on Dems, promoting a narrative that is defined by Dems, and generally parroting a progressive world view. The majority of "journalists" exhibit full blown Trump Derangement Syndrome, but that's to be expected.

Ben Domenech pulls no punches when he writes:
It’d be nice to say that American media doesn’t hate this country. It’d be nice to claim that the American press, while maintaining objectivity and balancing against bias, is still inherently American – that they are patriots who love this country even as they report on its defects. Recall the quote from Daniel Patrick Moynihan while Ambassador to the United Nations: “Am I embarrassed to speak for a less than perfect democracy? Not one bit. Find me a better one. Do I suppose there are societies which are free of sin? No, I don’t. Do I think ours is, on balance, incomparably the most hopeful set of human relations the world has? Yes, I do. Have we done obscene things? Yes, we have. How did our people learn about them? They learned about them in the newspapers.” And that is important.

But we cannot say these things when the American media, time and again, illustrates its utter hatred for the nation and its people in those newspapers and on television. Having judged the American project kaput after the election of Donald Trump, they are now stooping to the level of defending the North Koreans – perhaps the most brutal and heinous regime in the world today – thanks to some side-eye from its minister of propaganda, the sister of Kim Jong Un. If the headlines are to be believed, “North Korea heading for diplomacy gold medal at Olympics” is the story American media want to tell about this moment.
To set the record straight, North Korea is a brutal dictatorship that starves its own people, threatens its neighbors, brutalizes, imprisons or murders those that are foolish enough to criticize it from within. Yet the main stream media gets the vapors when Vice President Mike Pence refuses to engage with Kim Yo Jong, the sister of dictator Kim Jong Un, the murderous psychopath who is North Korea's strongman.

Bre Payton provides a few examples:
Kim Yo Jong’s brother is starving his own people in order to develop nuclear weapons he’s threatening to use against the United States and other countries, but you might not know that about her based on these headlines.

CNN: “Kim Jong Un’s sister is stealing the show at the Winter Olympics”
YAHOO: “All swagger and smiles, Kim Jong Un’s mysterious sister gets her star turn at Winter Olympics”
YAHOO: “Kim Yo Jong: N. Korea’s political princess”
BBC: “Kim Jong-un’s sister: ‘Sweet but with a tomboy streak'”
WASHINGTON POST: “The ‘Ivanka Trump of North Korea’ captivates people in the South”
ASSOCIATED PRESS: “At Olympic Games, Kim Jong Un’s sister takes VIP seat”

Yes, these are real headlines that western news reporters actually wrote.
It's hard to understand the fevered thinking of "journalists" and media in this situation. Do they actually want to turn the NoKos into some heroic country that is resisting the evil Donald Trump? Is that the undercurrent that precipitates headlines like these? Sadly, it's astounding, but not the least bit surprising.