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Sunday, February 04, 2018

Just Ask Them

In the run-up to the release of the Congressional memo that summarizes the findings of an investigation into the surveillance of American citizens who just happened to be part of the Trump campaign in 2016, the Democrats and their trained hamsters in the media were apoplectic. The memo was a threat to national security, they claimed. It would review "sources and methods," they cried. It would precipitate a "constitutional crisis" by eroding public trust in the FBI and DoJ, they cautioned.

Then I read the memo in its entirety. I couldn't find anything that was even close to classified information. There were no sources and methods revealed. And nowhere in the document was the FBI as an agency criticized. Its appointed executives—you know, the ones that lied to the FISA court—were skewered, but the agency itself came under no criticism. In other words, the Democrat9c spokespeople and the hamsters ... lied.

Roger Simon comments:
Unless they were lobotomized, those Democrats and their dependable PR team (aka the media) must have realized they were blatantly lying to the American public. Evidently, they didn't care. How're we now supposed to trust what these people say about anything? Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus.

Their latest meme is "cherry picking." The memo was cherry-picked and therefore to be ignored. That's like saying a murderer who has a clean driving record and is a good cook is not a murderer. Whatever else happened, the FBI clearly used a slanderous fictional document to get a FISA ruling to surveil Carter Page without telling the court the document was a pack of lies paid for by the Clinton campaign and written by a creepy spy with old-line Soviet connections. And they did it multiple times.
In their hysteria over Hillary Clinton's upset loss, the Democrats unleashed blatantly false claims about "Russian collusion" and "Obstruction of Justice"—all intended to drive a never-ending series of investigations that would wreck the presidency of Donald Trump. In their hubris, they never thought that the investigations might uncover significant wrong-doing on the part of the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton's campaign. Now, the worm has turned, and the Dems are scared that the current wrong-doing might only be the tip of an iceberg of dishonesty and corruption that pervaded the Obama administration and at the same time, exonerates the hated Donald Trump.

Simon continues:
It seems this particular lie was a last line of defense — for now — against a coming potential Armageddon for their party. This memo, bad as it is, is apparently only the first of many, a small percentage of what is to come. And the Democrats know it.

Fear is operative. Maybe panic. An entire weltanschauung is under threat — jobs, friends, self-image, who knows what. If this goes on much longer and much more comes out, some Democrats -—not apparatchik Schiff, needless to say, but others — might have to face reality and say something. A few journalists (not at CNN, but maybe someplace else) might have to report the truth. It happened with Watergate. Republicans turned against Nixon. But, of course, they're "the stupid party."

But speaking of stupid, something else occurred that few are mentioning, but may be of more significance than anything. What were these FISA judges thinking who allowed for the surveillance? They actually read the Steele dossier, one would assume. Were they imbeciles or as biased as McCabe, Strzok and the rest of that seedy FBI cabal? Whether they were told that document came from the Clinton campaign or not, it read like an outtake from the back pages of the National Enquirer — and not one of the good issues (John Edwards, etc.). The dossier was ludicrous on its face, yet the supposedly great legal minds of the FISA court accepted it as what appears to be the most important evidence for the case.
And so the Dems and their hamsters hyperventilate trying to argue that what happened didn't really happen. That it's all just "partisan politics." Note, of course, that the Dems never indulge in partisan politics, like, say, using a bought-and-paid-for phony dossier to submarine a political opponent. Oh, no. They'd never do that.