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Monday, February 05, 2018

"War on ..."

With the release of the congressional memo, the latest meme from Democrats and their media hamsters expresses horror that the GOP is “undermining public trust in lawn enforcement." Both the The New York Times and The Washington Post (among many sources) published commentaries that reinforce the notion that anyone who is gravely concerned about the gross abuse implied by the congressional memo was somehow anti-FBI or anti-law enforcement.

Somewhere, inside a Democratic smear shop in Washington DC, this meme was developed and distributed to friendly media to try to blunt any criticism of increasingly more disturbing evidence that the past administration weaponized important government agencies against its opponents. To borrow a phrase that progressives love to use—"that's counter to our values."

One of the problems with the "war on law enforcement" meme is that it can come back to bite the politicians who express it. It’s interesting that neither the New York Times or the Washington Post are at all concerned about a year long effort to undermine public trust in a presidential election (that their candidate lost). Both publications seem completely at ease with a daily onslaught of often deranged articles and commentary that are intended to undermine public trust in a duly elected President of United States. They're even less concerned about factual accuracy, context, or purposeful omissions that might provide better insight into their claims.

In summary, the continuing stream of unsubstantiated claims, evidence-free accusations, and politically biased leaks don’t seem to concern the trained hamsters in the media at all. But criticism based on clear evidence of bias, documented instances of dishonesty by high government officials, and abuse of the FISA courts by senior members of the DoJ and FBI—oh my, that criticism is a "war on law enforcement." I seem to recall the same media sources that hyperventilate today were the first to support the Black Lives Matter movement when it conducted its war on street cops in cities across the United States—a "war" that actually resulted in dead cops (think: Dallas).

If there is a "war on law enforcement" it's being conducted by corrupt officials from the FBI and DoJ that acted to subvert the FISA courts to enable surveillance of the Trump campaign while the Obama administration looked the other way. And those who now try to subvert an investigation into that wrongdoing are themselves complicit in that "war." They should be ashamed of themselves, but that's simply not in their DNA.


The Democrats have crafted their own memo in response to the GOP Congressional memo. That's a good thing, allowing us to evaluate the conflicting claims in the open.

It's interesting to note that every single GOP member of the House Intelligence Committee voted in favor of releasing the Democrat memo. It's also interesting to note that every single Democrat member of the House Intelligence Committee voted against of releasing the GOP memo. Heh.