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Monday, March 19, 2018

Venality, Moral Turpitude, and Political Corruption

One of the dominant characteristics of the Washington elites is that they lie well and with impunity. Because they believe they are anointed with the unique talents of leadership and that the rest of us are incapable of making decisions on our own, they lie to be sure that their meme, their narrative is the only one people will hear. That's why, say, Susan Rice told the nation (on 5 (!) different Sunday morning TV shows) that the Benghazi attack was precipitated by an anti-Muslim video; that's why Barack Obama told the nation that there was no substance to the claim that the IRS targeted his opponents; that's why Hillary Clinton told us that there was no classified information on her private servers; that's why John Brennan lied (to a Congressional committee) when he stated that the CIA did not spy on Senate staffers.

The interesting thing is that these elites suffer few real consequences for their blatant dishonesty, and even more interesting, continue to be given a platform (by the trained hamsters in the media) to make other tendentious claims to further their political agenda.

A few days ago, John Brennan—a man who has demonstrated that he is a venal apparatchik who is both dishonest and corrupt—tweeted the following:
If you look up the word Chutzpah, you might find Brennan's tweet as a perfect example.

Of course, the trained hamsters rejoiced at this attack on the current president, who, one must admit, sometimes plays fast and loose with the truth himself.

But it's Brennan's apparent inability to see the irony of his tweet—he is the person he claims Trump to be—that is the most telling.

That's part of the reason Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton. That's also part of the reason that the unhinged attacks on Trump will continue throughout his presidency. Trump is a constant reminder that the influence of the elites has wained and their credibility has been shattered. They are, like Brennan, victims of their own dishonesty and hubris. In fact, their current flailings, like the flailing demonstrated by Brennan's tweet, indicates that America just might triumph over them.