The further to the left or the right you move, the more your lens on life distorts.

Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Cerebral Cortex

CNN is the cerebral cortex of the hive-mind that is Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS). In addition to an on-going flow of fake news reports (retractions occur regularly), the talking heads at CNN offer a continuous parade of anti-Trump "opinion leaders" who spout aggressively anti-Trump propaganda. Recently, Dan Helmer, a candidate for congress from Virgina opined: "The greatest threat to our democracy today is a president who doesn't take the oath to defend the Constitution seriously."

The CNN anchor nodded sagely and frowned, and the progressive base no doubt cheered. Both appear to be absolutely oblivious to the irony of Mr. Helmer's statement. Apparently, they and he are too blinded by their #Resistance ideology to consider the true threats to our democracy that have happened and are happening.

1. The weaponization of the IRS designed to attack political opponents of the previous administration. When uncovered, CNN and other trained hamsters in the media were notably incurious about the details and really quite blasé when a senior IRS officer took the Fifth, rather than testify before congress. There was copious evidence of wrong-doing, but never mind.

2. The weaponization of federal law-enforcement and intelligence agencies designed to attack the campaign of an opposition candidate. When uncovered, CNN and other trained hamsters in the media were notably incurious about the details and in the long tradition of biased media when Democrats are in office, defended the government, rather than work to uncover the truth.

3. The outright dishonesty that was the hallmark of the previous administration's attempt attempt to sell Obamacare, even as the electorate was skeptical. Lies were used to promote the proposed healthcare system (e.g., "it will save money, you can keep your Doctor, you can keep your insurance plan").

4. A double standard within the DoJ that defines who gets investigated and who gets prosecuted. When a government official (Hillary Clinton) clearly violated national security, the fix was in—she was neither indicted nor prosecuted while others from the opposition party (think: David Patreus) were convicted for significantly less serious national security offenses.

5. The political prosecution of Denesh DeSousa, a harsh critic of the then sitting Democrat president, who was forced to plea guilty by the DoJ for a minor campaign finance offense. The trained hamsters yawned, and now have the chutzpa to suggest that his recent pardon is somehow a bad thing.

6. The promotion of the canard that an opposition candidate colluded with Russians to swing an election that was supposedly in the bag for a Democratic candidate. The implication is that a legitimate democratic vote is invalid – still another threat to our democratic process.

Of course all of those "threats to our democracy" came from the Left, from Democrats, so they don't count within the hive mind. Since he professes to be soooo concerned about "threats to democracy," the voters of Virginia might ask Mr. Helmer to explain why a single man (Trump) no matter how powerful, represents a greater threat than an entire political party (the Democrats), its leadership and the preceding examples of their corrupt manipulation of major branches of our government.