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Monday, June 18, 2018

Godwin's Law

Members of the Trump Derangement Syndrome crowd seem unaware on Godwin's Law. It states: "... if you accuse your enemy of being a Nazi, you’ve lost the argument."

There have been a lot of "Nazi accusations" over the weekend as members of the four constituencies (e.g., General Michael Hayden. ex-Congressman Joe Scarborogh) have suggested that the long-running government policy of separating children from their parents temporarily when they have crossed into the United States illegally is akin to Nazi concentration camp behavior. In their view, Trump is Hitler. Okay, then.

The separations occur because the courts have ruled (in a 1997 law, Flores v. Reno) that minor children can be separated from their parents for a period not to exceed 20 days while the parents legal status is adjudicated. This certainly is not an ideal outcome. It is traumatic for the kids and the parents. It's also a direct result of the parents' decision to cross into the United States illegally.

Despite the propaganda being promoted by the trained hamsters in the main stream media, every shred a credible evidence indicates that the children are being treated well. But that doesn't jibe with the TDS narrative, so CCN reports that a baby was "ripped" from a nursing mother's arms. The Victory Girls blog comments:
CNN related a heart-wrenching story about an illegal Honduran mother whose baby was “forcibly” ripped from her while breastfeeding. At least, that’s the story that Natalia Cornelio told CNN.

So who’s Natalia Cornelio?

She’s a civil rights attorney. Yeah, color me shocked, too.

Here’s what Cornelio said: “When she resisted having her daughter taken from her she said agents forcibly took her child and then placed her in handcuffs.”

Cornelio added that the mother was “sobbing.”

The problem with this tale is that no one else reported it other than Cornelio. There are no other witnesses. Just the word of the mother and an attorney with an agenda.

So what does DHS say?

“We do not separate breastfeeding children from their parents. That does not exist. That is not a policy. That is not something that DHS does.”
I find it interesting that over the past six months the TDS crowd has been the first to defend our intelligence agencies and FBI, interpreting clear public evidence of wrong-doing as nothing to be concerned about. They were okay with the weaponization of the IRS against American citizens, they were sanguine about the Fast and Furious gun running scandal, they didn't blink an eye when a senior presidential advisor blatantly lied about the death of a US ambassador and three other Americans. That was all a big yawn. But they are the first to promote hearsay evidence about kids being "ripped" from their mothers arms as fact, and run around screaming "Nazi, Nazi, Nazi" backed by 75-year old pictures of concentration camps and their victims. Derangement does strange things to a person's psyche.

The solution to all of this hyperventilation is for the Congress to pass immigration law that addresses child separation, but also considers everything from DACA to the border wall to the status of illegals in the USA at the moment. But that doesn't serve the Democrat strategy of using immigration as a wedge issue, so nothing is done. And yes, the GOP isn't blameless either, but at least they're proposing legislation that attempts to correct immigration problems, even though they can't seem to agree within their own caucus. Dumb politically and bad for the country.

At the risk of being accused of cynicism, I do find it an interesting coincidence that the shrill accusations of Nazi-like behavior coupled with wall-to-wall media coverage by the trained hamsters is occurring at exactly the same time as news of a significant government scandal involving the FBI, the intelligence agencies, and yes, the Obama administration is breaking. What a perfect way for the trained hamsters to drown out any news of the scandal, relegating it a brief mention in passing. The strategy is brilliant, I must admit, if a bit venal. But what else is new.