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Friday, July 06, 2018

It's Not Okay

Despite every effort to obfuscate, delay, and resist congressional inquiries, the Crossfire Hurricane scandal involving the politically motivated FBI "investigation" of the Trump campaign in 2016 simply won't die. The Democrats dismiss hard facts (e.g., text messages in the perpetrators' own words, a damning report by the FBI's own Inspector general), panicking because they might taint the Mueller "investigation" (a.k.a. witch hunt); the trained hamsters of the main stream media simply ignore the whole thing, and the FBI hierarchy defies Congress on a weekly basis. Man, with that much effort being expended to avoid releasing information, there must be something really big hiding in the weeds, and all of the constituencies involved do NOT want the public to know what it is.

Kim Strassel is one of the few journalists who has been on this story from the beginning. Her investigative reporting is embarrassing to the past Obama administration and to senior executives at the FBI. She writes:
The FBI and its media allies have waged a ceaseless campaign to lower the bar on what counts as appropriate. We are told it is OK that the government opened a counterintelligence probe into a presidential campaign. OK that it obtained a warrant to spy on a U.S. citizen. OK that it based that warrant on an unverified dossier from the Democratic campaign, and then hid that true origin from the FISA court. OK that it paid a spy to target domestic political actors.

It’s not OK. Not so long ago, the FBI would have quailed at the idea of running an informant into any U.S. political operation—even into, say, a congressman under criminal investigation for bribery or corruption. These are the most sensitive of lines. But Mr. Trump’s opponents, in government and media, have a boundless capacity to justify any measures against the president.

If it turns out that the Justice Department and FBI lied about how and when this all started, that is scandalous.
At every turn, the trained hamsters have worked hard to use their "squirrel strategy" to redirect public attention away from the scandal. It is an interesting coincidence that on the same day that the FBI Inspector General report was released to the public, the Dems began their hysteria over the temporary separation of children of illegal immigrant families. Never mind that the practice had been going on for years, that day seemed to be appropriate. Look!! A Squirrel!

It's an even more interesting coincidence that stories about porn star Stormy Daniels, Trump's lawyer Michael Cohen, and various other campaign aides get plenty of air time and column inches, but the Crossfire Hurricane scandal has all but disappeared. And Scott Pruitt of the EPA? His serial scandals (some quite minor by government standards) got hours and hours of air time and damnation, but Crossfire Hurricane? Crickets.

And gosh, it does seem odd that Robert Mueller, who has run far afield in his "investigation" of Trump (think: Stormy Daniels), has chosen not to look into any allegation of FBI wrong-doing, even though it's directly relevant to the whole Russian angle. After all, what possible nexus could exist between the predicate for the investigation and claims of Russian collusion? Nah, nothing to see there, let's look at Stormy's tale (no pun intended) instead. Incredible!

Powerful anti-Trump interests inside the government keep telling us there's no there there. Except there is. We'll see whether the dirty truth ever comes out.