The further to the left or the right you move, the more your lens on life distorts.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

SJWs and Other Bullies

Social justice warriors (SJWs) are an interesting group. They love to express their outrage about anything that offends them, meaning almost everything that doesn't properly fit their often warped world view. Whether it's "white privilege" or "climate justice," the alleged "racism" of at least half the US population or "income inequality," "rapacious capitalism and "profit" or "gender bias," sexual harassment" (defined so broadly that a simple complement can be considered a crime) or speech restrictions that disallow opposing points of view in many venues. It's outrage, outrage, outrage all the way down.

SJWs love the Twitter mob, they love confrontation, they love hand-made signs that are so predictable they're laughable, they love to disrupt, and above all, they hate, hate, hate Donald Trump with a venom that shocks even those of us who understand their game.

Until fairly recently, SJWs had the field to themselves. The rest of us stood politely on the sidelines and watched as they screamed their insults with the moral indignation of an old-time Oklahoma preacher. We really didn't want to be like them—boorish, self-absorbed, infantile moral preeners who rarely create anything of merit and accomplish almost nothing beyond chaos.

But as the SJWs become increasingly unhinged, relying on rules of political correctness that are ever-changing and increasingly authoritarian, some on us on the sidelines have decided to get onto the field and play the game.

If the SJWs can be outraged by something as trivial as a swimsuit competition at a beauty pageant, those of us who have walked onto the field have a choice to make. We can become boorish, self-absorbed, infantile moral preeners like them, or we can use ridicule and laughter as our weapon. I think the latter is a better approach, more effective and far more fun. Kurt Schlichter has a more aggressive point of view, and he writes about SJWs this way:
Here’s the deal.

We owe them no respect.

We owe them no obedience.

They are not our moral superiors.

If they come for us, we come back for two of them.
But we really don't have to "come back for two of them," because they eat their own. Given enough time and enough outrage, the frenzy of SJWs casts a very wide net. For example, consider how the #MeToo movement took down ex-Senator Al Franken, a staunch defender of liberal ideals. And all for actions that were indeed in poor taste (by today's standards) but otherwise innocuous.

At the end of the day, SJWs are moral bullies. They live to dish out their outrage. We'll see just how comfortable they are when new players enter the field and direct a different kind of outrage at them.


On a related subject that encompasses a different kind of bully, RealClear Politics reports:
[White Hose spokesperson ]Sarah Huckabee Sanders announced Monday that President Trump is considering removing the security clearances of former CIA director John Brennan, former DNI James Clapper, and former FBI director James Comey, as well as former Obama NSA Susan Rice, Ret. Gen. Michael Hayden, and FBI agent Andrew McCabe for "politicized" and "monetized" their public service with cable news contracts and book deals.
Within minutes, Clapper labeled the contemplated action "petty." What a hoot!

The aforementioned group has made history by politicizing and then weaponizing senior executive positions in law enforcement and intelligence. They have been the leaders of a soft coup with the explicit intent of taking down a duly-elected President of the United States. They were and are bullies. They have lied—repeatedly and often—to the congress and the public. They have broken ethical rules, if not legal ones. They have participated in name-calling and then become offended when Donald Trump calls them names. They are the epitome of "petty," and Clapper has the gall to whine about his security clearance being revoked?

Like all bullies, they don't much like it when they run into another bully who fights back. Like him or not, Donald Trump doesn't sit on the sidelines. He's in the game, and the bullies are not going to like the final score—not one bit.