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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Up Next

Virtually all Democrats and their trained hamsters in the media and more than a few #NeverTrump Republicans rant on about things that actually don't matter or never happened. In the latter category, we have the "Russian collusion" narrative—an evidence free set of specious allegations that represent a Democrat fantasy for impeachment. In the former category, we have the latest episode of the Stormy Daniels debacle—Trump's apparent dalliance with a porn star 10 years ago and his effort to silence her tell-all during the 2016 campaign.

Wow! What a shock! Donald Trump was a playboy even after his third marriage to Melania. Even less shocking is the notion that a politician—any politician—would want to spin events so that they could be controlled. For example, take the serial lies promoted by Susan Rice at the behest of Barack Obama to spin a terror attack that killed four Americans in Benghazi, Libya into a bad movie review. Yeah, I know, that was different, because Obama.

And what about the TRADE WAR!!! You know, the one that the Dems and their trained hamsters in the media and more than a few #NeverTrump Republicans tell us will wreck the economy and diss our allies in Europe. Nevermind that the economy is doing really really well, thank you very much. That doesn't matter, Trump's blunt talk has hurt the delicate feelings of the Euros. The horror! And the US-EU trade imbalance or the stark difference in tariffs levied on, say, imported cars (the EU levies a 10 percent tariff on American automobiles, while we levy only a 2.5 tariff? Nah, none of that matters because—feelings.

So ... if we are to believe the Democrats and their trained hamsters in the media and more than a few #NeverTrump Republicans we have a treasonous Russian stooge who is unfit for office because he had sex with someone other than his wife before he was president (think: JFK or LBJ or Bill Clinton who did the same while they were president), and is irresponsible because he started a TRADE WAR !!! with our EU allies.

But wait ... it looks like Trump's demand for better trade terms is ... what!? ... working. The Wall Street Journal reports:
Breaking News...

WASHINGTON—The European Union delegation meeting with President Donald Trump Wednesday agreed to consider changes in its trade policies in an effort to ease relations with the U.S., according to a European official in the room.

The official said European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and his top trade official Cecilia Malmström agreed to work with the U.S. administration to lower industrial tariffs on both sides, increase LNG exports and soy beans to Europe, and align regulatory standards to allow for medical devices to have better market access in Europe, the official said.

Both delegations were still fine tuning language in a common statement on car tariffs, the official said.

Up next—Iran.


Just a few weeks ago, the Democrats and their trained hamsters in the media along with more than a few #NeverTrump Republicans were using absurd and unhinged concentration camp analogies when the Trump administration did the unthinkable and enforced existing law concerning the separation of children from their parents when said parents were arrested for illegally crossing our southern border. A federal judge ultimately ruled that the children must be reunited with their families.

Trump rescinded the order to enforce the law and began moves to immediately reunite the kids with their parents. The Hill reports:
Federal District Court Judge Dana Sabraw said the Trump administration is on track to meet the Thursday court-ordered deadline to reunite migrant families who were separated at the southern border.

The government said in court Tuesday evening that it has identified 1,637 parents who are eligible for reunification, and of those 1,012 have been reunited.

Sabraw called the efforts a remarkable achievement and said Commander Jonathan White, who works in the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response at the Department of Health and Human Services, should be commended.

“He’s done yeoman’s work in accomplishing that,” he said.
Wait! what? That doesn't fit the narrative.

How could a man as "evil" and "racist" as Trump do something like this. After all, he "ripped apart" families for no good reason at all—except maybe that they broke the law. And after the hysteria and outcry, much of it wholly cynical, he fixed a problem his administration created and reunited the immigrant families.