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Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Kavanaugh-Part 1

No one should really be surprised that the Democrats and their supporters threw a collective temper tantrum at the start of the hearings to confirm Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Gosh, it was only two days ago that Senate heavyweights among the Democrats were praising the late John McCain to the heavens—telling us all how important "bipartisanship" was. Heh.

The editors of the Wall Street Journal comment on the Dems' strategy for the Kavanaugh hearing:
Democrats are out to tarnish the nominee even if they fail to defeat him, and the main goal is to drive voters to the polls to elect a Democratic Congress in November.

Toward that end, you will hear that the 53-year-old judge will join four other conservatives on the High Court eager to eviscerate the rights of Americans. You will hear they want to require back-alley abortions, deny contraception to women, end gay marriage, strip voting rights from minorities, empower corporations to crush workers, and remove constitutional checks and balances on Donald Trump so he can reign supreme.

Have we missed anything?
The Dem's collective histrionics over every other conservative justice nominated over the past 40 years, negates their current hysteria. Their claims that abortion and a long laundry list of rights would be under threat might be called into question because not one of the justices who was confirmed voted to overturn Roe v. Wade or for that matter, negate longstanding rights of all citizens. But crying wolf is what the Dems do when they have no other critique of a highly qualified judge, so they go hysterical. It's pathetic, actually.

And the procedural complaint that not enough documents have been turned over to the Dems? The editors of the WSJ write:
By the way, readers can ignore the Democratic protests about the GOP failure to produce more documents from Judge Kavanaugh’s tenure in George W. Bush’s White House counsel’s office. The Trump Administration decided to withhold some 101,000 document pages entirely under executive privilege and allow Senators and their staff to view 147,000 or so in a secure room on Capitol Hill.

Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar said Sunday that this is “not normal.” She must be running for President, because the process is similar to how the Obama White House handled documents related to Elena Kagan. We’re told no Democratic Senators had bothered to look at the documents by Monday. Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley also said he’d support Senator Klobuchar’s request to make some of those documents public if she wishes. She has not done so—which suggests how little of political consequence is in those pages.
The intent of course, is to delay, delay, and delay again in the hope that somehow, the nominee will not become a justice.

Finally, it's worth noting that both liberal justices, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan, appointed during the a Democratic administration were confirmed with bipartisan votes. Their questioning by GOP senators was hard, but respectful, and no one claimed that Democracy was in jeopardy. But that's an adults vs. children thing. Adults may show concern, may even get angry, and will certainly develop rational strategies to get their way. But it's only children who throw tantrums, use make-believe boogiemen to frighten other children, and otherwise act petulantly.