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Wednesday, September 05, 2018

Kavanaugh—Part 2

Over the years, I've used a quote often attributed to Jonathan Swift when considering unhinged political arguments. It seems particularly appropriate after two days of hearings on the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh for the U.S. Supreme Court. Here we have Democrat members of the Senate Judiciary Committee implying that Kavanaugh is a misogynist, a racist, and an otherwise really, really bad guy. They have no evidence to support any of these despicable slurs and even less evidence of any of it gleaned from his legal opinions, which by all accounts including those of the left-leaning ABA, have been stellar.

Even more stunning, most of the Democrat members of the Judiciary committee have stated that they will vote against any Trump nominee, including Kavanaugh. Yet they demand hundreds of thousands of pages of meaningless documents from long before Kavanaugh was a judge. It's reasonable to ask why they need those documents, given that they already have decided to vote "No" on the judge. But since the Dems are always pure of hear, it couldn't be an obstructionist strategy, could it?

It would be easy by refute the claims of people like Kamala Harris or Richard Blumenthal, but why? Harris and Bluminthal, Booker and Feinstein huff and they puff, but Judge Kavanaugh is very likely to be confirmed. To quote Barack Obama—"elections have consequences" and one of those consequences is who gets to place justices on the federal bench.

But back to that Swiftean quote. Goes like this:
You can't reason someone out of a position they never reasoned themselves into in the first place.
Increasingly, the unhinged behavior of far too many Democrats, exemplified by their atrocious temper tantrum during the first day of the committee hearings, indicates that reason has been jettisoned and replaced by a derangement syndrome that is so intense that it seems to pervade their every waking moment.

They tell us this is all about principle, about "protecting Roe v. Wade or women's health or minorities or the middle class or immigrants or the rule of law or ... "our Democracy itself!"

In reality, it's none of those things, although I do think they've convinced themselves it is. It's about the simple reality (that even they can't escape), given that it was President Donald Trump, rather than President Hillary Clinton whose nominee sits before the Judiciary committee.

The Dems can't get past the simple reality that in 2016, despite the complete backing of a sitting Democrat administration, a clear effort by that administration's DoJ, the FBI and even the IRS to derail the opposition candidate, despite the enthusiastic support of 90 percent of the mainstream media, despite polls that predicted a slam dunk win, despite a campaign budget that was twice a big, despite the vaunted "blue wall," the Dems and their candidate lost to a real estate mogul and reality TV star who was a political neophyte. They can't get past the notion that their message of big government, dependency, victimization, and identity politics was rejected by the electorate. So like petulant children who didn't get the toy they want, they lash out—over and over again. This week the target of their tantrum is Brett Kavanaugh.

That's what these Judiciary committee hearings are all about, even if the Democrats themselves don't want to admit it.