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Sunday, October 07, 2018


In the aftermath of Brett Kavanaugh's successful elevation to SCOTUS Justice, you'd think that the Democrats and their trained hamsters in the media would be self-reflective. That they'd look at their vicious, often dishonest, and generally reprehensible attacks on a decent man based on 36-year old, wholly unsubstantiated, and very thin allegations by one woman and say, Maybe we over-reacted. Maybe our ideological zeal led us to make bad decisions.

Nah ... not gonna happen.

As they always seem to do when they lose, the Left looks for a scapegoat. When they lost the 2016 presidential elections, it was the electoral college, and when people laughed at that ridiculous excuse, it became 'the Russians.' In this sordid case, the Left's excuse has become scumbag lawyer, Michael Avenatti. If only he didn't bring forward the allegation of gang rape, whine the Dems and the trained hamsters, the Left would have succeeded in their vilification and destruction of Kavanaugh.

Tyler Durbin discusses this when he writes:
Following Friday's announcement by Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) that she would vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, the left flipped on one of its recent heroes; Michael Avenatti.
All of the allegations against Kavanaugh were very old, unsupported, and otherwise suspect, and Avenatti's entry certainly didn't help, but it was not the cause of the Left's defeat. The cause was really quite simple to understand—a quality candidate, a respected jurist, and a decent man was accused of something he swore he didn't do. The accusation was wholly out of character, suspiciously timed, and as thin as a human hair. The Dems vilified Kavanaugh and his reputation was destroyed. They suggested that he was guilty until proven innocent.

The broader American public didn't like any of it. The GOP grew a backbone and fought back—successfully.

The Left is looking forward to a blue wave in November. They'll argue that their expected midterm victory will vindicate them and their repugnant behavior over the past few weeks. It won't.

In fact, even after the cesspool recedes, when the left looks in the mirror, the image they see just might resolve itself into something that looks an awful lot like Michael Avenatti.


Post action evaluation of political strategy and ideological tactics is something that is worthwhile in politics. The Democrats seem incapable of doing that, instead doubling down on strategies and tactics that infuriate or frighten the vast center of our country—you know, the people who define the winner of national elections.

Jim Geraughty writes:
I doubt Democrats want to take any advice at this moment, particularly from someone like me, but hopefully sometime soon, they’ll have a reckoning that their tactics in this fight did not work.

The protesters constantly interrupting the hearing did not work.

Going over Kavanaugh’s high-school yearbooks as if they were something from The Da Vinci Code and trying to ascribe some sinister meanings to teenage slang such as “boof” and “Devil’s Triangle” did not work.

Trying to make Kavanaugh sound like the Bluto Blutarsky of Yale University did not work.

Suggesting that Kavanaugh is some sort of threat to girls on basketball teams did not work.

Portraying his daughter praying for forgiveness for her father in an editorial cartoon did not work.
But these tactics did more than not work. They provided a window into the soul of the Democratic party, a party that seemed okay with all of it—and it's not okay, not even close.

We're told that confrontation and screaming is "democracy in action," but there is another view (as noted in a tweet by @Charlie Daniels):
Seeing the fanatics stalking the halls of congress is tantamount to peeping into an insane asylum. The face of new democrat party is bizarre and threatening and the fact that their leaders will not address it is a telling view into a chaotic future if they should come to power

Geraughty continues:
It backfired, guys. There was a time when conservatives thought of the old guard, people like Orrin Hatch and Chuck Grassley, as decorum-obsessed squishes, with no stomach for a real fight. No more. You guys turned Lindsey Graham into a honey badger and Susan Collins into Margaret Thatcher.

This has been an ugly, nasty, vicious couple of weeks in American politics. I don’t expect anybody over on the other side to recognize that their tactics were morally wrong. But I do expect them to recognize that their tactics didn’t work.
Nah ... it's all Michael Avenatti's fault.