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Thursday, December 20, 2018


If it weren't for the fact that he and his investigative team have ruined people's lives, ignored long standing prosecutorial precedents and procedures, and rummaged through the backgrounds of anyone remotely associated with the evil villain and Russian stooge, Donald J. Trump, Robert Mueller's "investigation" coupled with the FBI's egregious actions that lead to it could easily be characterized a farce.

Sharyl Attkisson recounts the story of Carter Page (read the whole thing), a relatively low-level figure in the Trump universe who the FBI investigated, wiretapped, and surveilled in a fruitless effort to find evidence of Russian collusion. With tongue planted firmly in cheek, Attkisson writes:
We know Carter Page is a diabolical Russian spy because the FBI wiretapped him. Under our laws, FBI agents cannot wiretap a U.S. citizen based merely on suspicion or hunches, or to fish for information; they must possess hard evidence indicating the target is currently — or imminently about to become — a foreign spy. So the FBI would not have wiretapped Page if it couldn’t meet the legal evidence threshold. (At least they shouldn’t have.)
She then goes on to recount the efforts of James Comey, Peter Strzok, Andrew McCabe, and Lisa Page in their efforts to use strok as their catpaw to defeat Trump before the election and destabilize his presidency (can you say "insurance policy") afterwards. It's worth noting that all four of these liars and miscreants have been fired, yet not one will suffer any legal consequences for their unethical and potentially criminal actions.

After recounting 20 questionable investigative actions directed against page, Attkisson concludes:
Clearly, all of this implies that the FBI’s efforts drew mounds of incriminating evidence enabling Mueller to quietly build an airtight case against the central figure in a wide-ranging conspiracy to change votes in Campaign 2016, at the direction of Donald Trump. We now await the indictments.

And yet ...

As of now, Carter Page hasn’t been charged with so much as lying to the FBI or filing a faulty tax return, let alone Russian spying. He endured the most intrusive, intimidating methods the government has at its disposal. He was the subject of media leaks. His reputation was destroyed. If he’s never charged with being a Russian spy, he’s either that slippery … or it would suggest that the top intelligence officials who targeted him were either incompetent or corrupt. It would seem to border on criminal.

If Carter Page isn’t the world’s most diabolical spy ever, then it could imply that the investigation itself has been diabolical.
Diabolical, indeed.