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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

The Four Constituencies—Revisited

Over the past two years, I've discussed the "four constituencies" at length. It is this group that has lead the charge to unseat a duly elected president—by any means necessary. Let's review just who populates the four constituencies—

1. Democrats and their progressive supporters
2. the #NeverTrump GOP and their establishment supporters
3. left-leaning trained hamsters throughout the mainstream media
4. the "deep state" as evidenced by partisan government workers in virtually every agency

Establishment elites that populate the four constituencies are conducting a soft coup to negate the results of a presidential election. But they aren't nearly as smart, as ethical, or as competent as they keep telling us they are. They operate with impunity because they control the narrative, but their narrative is propaganda, it does not reflect reality.

Jay Cost comments on this often despicable cabal that sows chaos and political discontent across the country:
Now let’s think about part one of the Mueller report: the finding of no collusion. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Zero. It was all a hoax — paid in part by the Hillary Clinton campaign. And yet . . . and yet! A vast concatenation of journalists, public officials, and public intellectuals have been screeching from the top of their lungs for more than two years about the dire threat to the republic. They even managed to jawbone the tech companies into restricting speech on social-media sites to combat this insidious threat.

Have they ever been more wrong?

Why yes! Yes they have!

The Russia hoax was only the latest in a long chain of grievous errors. In the past 20 years, the number of times that our civic betters have royally screwed up is astounding. They missed 9/11. They wrongly thought Saddam Hussein had chemical weapons. They didn’t see that Iraq was sliding into chaos by late 2005. They allowed Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning, and Edward Snowden to steal our secrets. They didn’t see the 2008–09 economic crisis coming until it hit them square in the jaw. They missed how a vast array of government policies and decisions contributed to it. They told us that the stimulus would reduce unemployment. They assured us that if we liked our health care we could keep it. They couldn’t even get a website running. They let Libya and Syria fall into chaos.

That works out to be about one massive screw-up every 20 or so months. That is insane. The array of mistakes is bipartisan, and it has been committed collectively by journalists, bureaucrats, and public intellectuals. There is one, abiding constant: The people tasked with the day-to-day management and oversight of our government have an arrogance-to-excellence ratio that is shockingly high.
And with that as a backdrop, the same four constituencies keep insisting that they know best. If we just follow their lead, if we just invalidate a presidential election, all will be fine.

But take a beat and consider the past record of the four constituencies. It ain't good. They care about only one thing—maintained their positions of power and influence. Trump threatens that—the rest is just fall out.


Despite all of their influence, their overarching control of the mainstream media, and their meddling with the levers of government, the four constituencies have been proven to be nothing more than the perpetrators of a "collusion" hoax. Even worse, they were proven wrong by an investigator they chose and approved, by an investigative team that was at best ambivalent about Trump and far more likely, anti-Trump. And still Trump was exonerated. Collusion was a hoax.

But the four constituencies had an insurance policy. They falsely accused the President of the United States of collusion with an adversary and then "investigated" that false accusation for more than two years. As their hysterical (and false) accusations accumulated, they were certain that Trrump would say or do something—anything!—that could be construed as "obstruction." No matter that Trump was falsely accused in the most vicious and dishonest manner; no matter that there was no crime—NONE!; no matter that the trained hamsters created fake news to further vilify a sitting president, if Trump expressed understandable anger at the myriad false accusations, the media bias, the loaded investigative team, the lies promulgated by Democrats, if he suggested that the investigation was bogus and should be stopped, he had fallen into their "gotcha" trap. So now its "obstruction, obstruction, obstruction," just as it was "collusion, collusion collusion."

Funny thing is, the allegations of obstruction have about as much credence as the allegations of collusion. None.

But the circus continues.