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Friday, May 17, 2019


I have significant reservations that the deep state would defeat any legitimate attempt to get to the bottom of the soft coup that began during the Obama administration, was conducted by senior officials of the FBI, the DoJ, and Intelligence agencies, and attempted to discredit a candidate for president and then, after he won in a monumental upset, unseat him from his duly elected office. The soft coup—NOT the Russian collusion hoax, was the real story of the past two years, but the democrats and their trained hamsters in the media worked overtime to bury it.

Now, a no-nonsense Attorney General, William Barr, has initiated an investigation into the soft coup, naming U.S. Attorney John Durham as the man in charge. The Dems, going to their standard playbook, have already attempted to discredit AG Barr, making specious allegations, finding him in "contempt of congress" for following the law, and otherwise doing their usual politics of personal destruction thing. With the exception of their base, no one is paying attention. So far, the same strategy has not been tried with Durham, who Kim Strassel describes this way:
The Connecticut prosecutor is a straight arrow. Even Chris Murphy, Mr. Durham’s home state Democratic senator, praised him this week as “apolitical,” “serious,” and “fair.” In a 37-year tenure at the Justice Department, Mr. Durham has served six presidents. Federal records show he has never donated to a political candidate. He’s the antithesis of a showboater; he doesn’t do news conferences and he doesn’t do leaks.

Mr. Durham has also specialized in investigations into government actors—from the Federal Bureau of Investigation to the Central Intelligence Agency to political figures. The record shows that he doesn’t bring prosecutions lightly, but also isn’t afraid to hold the powerful to account. I’ve confirmed he’ll be joined by the highly respected Nora Dannehy. Ms. Dannehy was herself once the U.S. attorney in Connecticut and in 2008 led the probe into the George W. Bush administration’s controversial firing of U.S. attorneys. She only recently returned to Justice from private practice and is working as counsel in Mr. Durham’s office.
I suspect, however, that deep inside the Dem smear machine, operatives are working overtime to find something, anything, they can use to discredit Durham. Why? Because the soft coup is real—not a hoax—and backed by already public evidence (e.g., payments, emails, text messages, public statements, court documents) of significant wrongdoing by parties very close to the top of the Democrat pyramid.

If I'm wrong, and the truth of the soft coup becomes public, this will be the greatest political scandal in American history. People (e.g., James Comey or James Clapper) may very well be indicted and some may be convicted. But most important, it will serve as an object lesson to both Dems and the GOP that weaponizing government agencies against your opponents is a very bad idea. Barack Obama did that repeatedly during his presidency (the 'Chicago way')—the IRS scandal is but one example. It looks like the same thing was done late in his presidency with top officers at the FBI and the CIA.

Maybe my early concerns are correct and the whole thing will be buried. Maybe I'm wrong and Durham will find no evidence of wrongdoing. But may, just maybe, those who did this will be held to account. For the Dems, this possibility is a nightmare, but it's one of their own making.