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Monday, July 01, 2019

By Any Means ...

Imagine for just a moment if a young, Asian, gay man, who also happened to be a journalist, was viciously attacked by a large group of alt-right extremists. His cameras were destroyed or stolen, he was beaten and hospitalized with a reported brain bleed. Ya think the trained hamsters in the mainstream media would give first minute, front page coverage to the story? Ya think they would continue that coverage for days, possibly weeks? Ya think that talking heads would tell us that the "culture of violence" fostered by Donald Trump precipitated the attack, that Trump himself sympathized with the attackers, and that the violence was representative of a broader conservative culture of bigotry and violence? Yeah ... they would.

In fact, the incident I referred to did happen to Andy Ngo, a 5'5" Asian gay man and journalist, who fit all of the Left's intersectional attributes, except one—he's a conservative journalist. Ngo was attacked and beaten by Antifa, a left wing extremist group. Making it worse, this happened in left-leaning Portland, OR, whose Democrat mayor has been accused of telling Portland police to look the other way (the police did not intercede in the Antifa attack, even though they were present).

Right-leaning media have reported the story extensively, as one would expect, condemning not only the Antifa thugs, but also Portland's Mayor and the many left-wing commentators who have somehow tried to justify the Antifa attack by falsely labelling Ngo a white supremacist (that's rich, given he's Vietnamese).

This disgusting episode is emblematic of a growing viciousness that pervades radical leftist speech and in some cases, actions. The president is a "racist, a Nazi and KKK sympathizer." A presidential spokesperson is refused service at a VA Restaurant, the president's son is spat upon in a Chicago bar, WaPo supports the doxxing of border patrol officers, the NYT breathlessly suggests that our strained attempts to house, feed and treat illegal immigrants "meets the definition of a mass atrocity," and Antifa thugs become resistance folk heroes to radical leftists. Richard Fernandez comments:
It was no surprise when Andy Ngo was repeatedly pelted by Antifa with concrete milkshakes on June 30, sending him to the hospital emergency room. "Police have received information that some of the milkshakes thrown today during the demonstration contained quick-drying cement. We are encouraging anyone hit with a substance today to report it to police."

The reactions were equally predictable. Conservatives were outraged but some on the Left argued Ngo had it coming. "I’d argue what the fear mongering he’s done against Muslims plus the work he’s done to discredit hate crimes, helped create an atmosphere of violence that vulnerable people all have to live through just for being who they are. This is bad, but he’s guilty of worse."

Still, the combativeness of the last few days alarmed those accustomed to regarding themselves as civilized. Nicholas Kristof tried to explain the savagery by explaining that the natural virtue of liberals had been infected by conservative hate and that consequently, some were succumbing to their baser instincts.
Yeah, that's it. The meany conservatives won an election that repudiated the previous left-wing president, and that has instantly forced the Left into a 2.5 year spasm of hysteria and violent actions because ... shut up.

Fernandez continues:
Perhaps the magnitude of Hillary's 2016 loss is only now becoming apparent. Clinton didn't just lose the White House, she also lost the Democratic center to the radical ornaments. The diminution of [Democrat moderates] Brooks, Stevens, Kristof, and even Biden are the consequence of that defeat. The radicals who once served the useful purpose of putting fear into the other side are taking center stage. It's not surprising that the French Terror began with the purge of the moderates and the urgency of virtue. As Robespierre put it, virtuous men have no choice but to employ any means necessary
Funny. "By any means necessary ..." is the unofficial motto on the hard-left Antifa thugs.

UPDATE (7/2/2019):

Dominic Green writes:
The footage of Andy Ngo being ganged up on by black-clad, masked protesters in Portland shows the truth behind the cool slogans of radical chic. Ngo, a physically slight man, is punched in the face, has what appears to be a rock thrown at him when his back is turned, and is doused in milkshakes that, Portland police believe, contained cement mix, which can cause skin burns. It looks like a racist assault, but it’s alright, because they’re attacking a ‘fascist’.

‘Fuck you, Andy Ngo,’ one of his male assailants shouts.

‘Fucking owned, bitch,’ adds another member of this group that boasts of its egalitarian and feminist principles.

‘What’s the matter with Portland?’ Andy Ngo asked in Spectator USA last November, after being insulted and intimidated while he tried to cover an earlier Antifa demo. ‘Why did I, a Vietnamese-American gay journalist, receive this reaction from a self-described anti-racist social justice movement?’

The answer, Ngo wrote, was that he has tried to report honestly on Antifa — which, as Ngo wrote last year, is a ‘far-left movement of communists, socialists, and anarchists who agitate for revolution’, and who revel in ritualized violence against their enemies. If Ngo is not with them, he must be against them. And if he is against them, then he is a ‘fascist’ and deserves what he gets.

This is the logic of ‘By all means necessary’, the moronic line coined by Malcolm X, and familiar from the Malcolm X t-shirts issued to liberal white Humanities’ students on their first day in graduate school. Typically, the t-shirt shows Malcolm X, carbine in hand, peering out of a window as he tries to protect his family. Not against white racists, but against his fellow radicals, the sectarians of the Nation of Islam who would eventually murder him.
The trained hamsters in the media would have us believe that the alt-Right—neo-Nazis, the KKK, and other white supremacist groups—are the ONLY source of domestic extremist violence. The behavior of the alt-Right is repugnant and despicable, but they are not alone. At the other end of the spectrum sits the alt-Left, with groups like Antifa at its center.

Because the alt-Right fits the media's left wing narrative perfectly (i.e., conservatives are evil and violent), coverage of every demonstration and every bigoted speech is emphasized above the fold. When possible, the actions of alt-right groups are conflated with images of mainstream conservatives. Why isn't the same coverage applied to the alt-Left, where violence is becoming increasingly prevalent. Why does the Andy Ngo story get buried. Why isn't the Mayor of Portland pilloried by the media for looking the other way as a citizen is attacked by a mob? The answer is obvious. It's also despicable in its own right