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Sunday, July 21, 2019


A prominent member of The Squad, Ilhan Omar, has tried valiantly to hide behind her immigrant/person-of-color/Muslim/gender force field to deflect criticism of her controversial positions on a variety of subjects. The Dems' trained hamsters in the media have leaped to her defense, helping her deflect legitimate criticism.

When Donald Trump attacked Omar, the SJW outrage brigades went into overdrive, suggesting that (you guessed it), his legitimate criticism of the congresswoman is "racist and white supremacist." It is true that Trump should NOT have suggested that she leave the United States to help the people of Somalia, and his supporters should NOT have angrily chanted "send her back," but those errors in judgement and temperament do not provide her with dispensation for her radical positions and her anti-American, anti-Israel stance. Omar thinks she'll become Trump's worst "nightmare" (her characterization), but it's far more likely she'll have Dems tossing and turning in 2020.

But of course her defenders have responded with the obligatory hash tag, proudly brandished by the SJW crowd:


Really ... you stand with Ilhan, huh?

If you stand with Ilhan, you're concerned about the plight of illegal immigrants and asylum seekers at our southern border, but refuse to support a vote for funding to help mitigate the conditions that have been driven by the quasi-open border policies that you advocate. Nor do you have any substantive recommendations for correcting the problem, except to suggest that existing decades old laws NOT be followed.

If you stand with Ilhan, you argue that the death of U.S. troops who were in Somalia to stop violent thugs from terrorizing the residents of Mogadishu was justifiable payback for U.S. "imperialism." The fact that our solders were dragged through the streets after their deaths doesn't matter a whit to MN's social justice warrior.

If you stand with Ilhan, you minimize the 9-11 Islamist terror attacks in which almost 3,000 Americans died by suggesting that "some people did something." Omar is as close to an apologist for Islamist terror groups as any congressperson in the history of the United States.

If you stand with Ilhan, you're okay with a cozy relationship with the Islamist front group—CAIR and when asked directly whether you condemn Islamic terrorism, you obfuscate.

If you stand with Ilhan, you repeatedly and enthusiastically tweet anti-Semitic tropes, and then try to skate past them by suggesting that criticism of your words is racist and misogynist.

If you stand with Ilhan, you attempt to block sanctions against Venezuela's socialist dictatorship that has literally destroyed a once vibrant country, but regularly condemn the only democracy in the Middle East, Israel, and enthusiastically support the despicable BDS movement in an effort to destroy Israel.

If you stand with Ilhan, you believe that big government socialism is the answer to all the "problems" you see with capitalism, and then inadvertently illustrate how poorly big government government works by perpetrating immigration and tax fraud along with campaign finance violations (allegations supported by copious hard evidence) and then rely on friendly trained hamsters in the media who refuse to investigate.

I won't stand with Ilhan Omar. I, along with tens of millions of other Americans, reject her anti-Americanism, anti-Semitism, and leftist identity politics.

UPDATE (7/22/2019):

Brendan O'Neil comments:
Many on the woke left have been making excuses for Ilhan Omar’s anti-Jewish prejudices for a long time. But in the wake of the Trump v Omar controversy, culminating in those creepy chants of ‘Send her back!’ at a Trump rally, they’ve gone a step further. They’re now arguing not only that her prejudicial views aren’t prejudicial at all, but that anyone who claims they are is helping to fuel the ‘far right’. Yes, if you try to draw attention to Omar’s promotion of anti-Semitic tropes and her feverish, disproportionate obsession with Zionists, you will be denounced as the racist. Taking Orwellian contortionism to new levels, we’re now told it is racist to speak of Omar’s racism.
But wait ... Omar's immigrant/person-of-color/Muslim/gender force field sheilds her from criticism, right?