The further to the left or the right you move, the more your lens on life distorts.

Friday, July 12, 2019


Among the current front runners for the Democratic candidate for President is Liz Warren. Liz tells us she's a hardcore "capitalist" who simply wants big intrusive government solutions to everything from healthcare to college debt to stringent controls on "big" corporations to income inequality. But all of those things are a topic for another day. Liz was (note the past tense) a staunch supporter of our only true Middle East ally and the only true democracy in the Middle East, Israel, until she noticed the Democrats' hard-left lurch and the corresponding anti-Israel sentiment across the hard-left base of the party. So now, Liz is ... well, let's just say her attitude about Israel has changed.

Kim Hirsch reports:
Liz Warren has an Israel policy which has been “evolving” over the years, as liberals like to say. First, in 2012 she said she would work as a senator to “ensure Israel’s safety and success.” Then, in 2014, she voted to increase aid to Israel during the war on Gaza.

But that was then. Now she wants to be President.

Last year she called on Israel to use restraint against Palestinian protestors. Furthermore, a few months ago she opposed a bill which would fine businesses that participate in boycotting Israel.

Apparently Liz Warren could see the anti-Israel writing on that Democrat party wall, so she flipped to the Israel Bad playbook.

On Tuesday, she told a group she would make Israel end its occupation of the Gaza Strip. She also beamed when young Jewish millennials told her they were thrilled with her promise.
Sometimes, the breathtaking ignorance of some of the Dems' thought leaders is astonishing. Again from Hirsch:
... there’s one teensy little problem with that information [Israel's "occupation"]: Hamas took over control of Gaza in 2007. Israel no longer officially occupies the Gaza Strip. However, Palestinian apologists maintain that because Israel still controls borders, airspace, and territorial waters, Gaza is still “occupied,” according to their pretzel logic.

Now why would Israel be so downright mean to their neighbors?

Maybe it’s because the terrorist Hamas government is running a Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) campaign against Israel. And because the Palestinians in Gaza continue to lob rockets into Israel. — most recently at the rate of 700 within a 48-hour period.

What’s more, despite both Israel and Egypt blockading Gaza, terrorists have been increasing their rocket arsenal.

But, since the Democratic party continues its leftward lurch, led by radicals, Liz Warren is following along like a puppy dog.
None of this is the least bit surprising, nor is the continuing and often overwhelming support that Liz and other Dem candidates get from America's Jewish community. Think of the positions of Liz or Bernie ... well just about any of the Dem candidates and then ... #Walkaway.