The further to the left or the right you move, the more your lens on life distorts.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

18th Anniversay

On this 18th anniversary of an Islamist terror attack that killed almost 3000 Americans and created billions in economic damage, we remember the heroism and the sacrifice of that day and the days that followed.. It will not be forgotten by good people everywhere.

However, a question remains. Why is it that virtually all progressives, almost all Democrats, and even a few members of the GOP elite seem unable to use appropriate adjectives when describing the perpetrators of that heinous event, now known as 9/11? They become "violent extremists" or go without any description or even any embodiment. They have become an abstraction, forcing far too many to forget that their brethren still exist and mean to do us grave harm.

A few months ago, Leftist Democrat, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) stated that "Some people did some thing" when referring the to 9/11 attack. I suppose that's understandable, given that Omar is a noted anti-Semite (as well as a rabid anti-Israel activist), and has been accused (rightly, I believe) of being anti-American. Just today, the chronicle of leftist thought, The New York Times, tweeted the following:

Hmmm. It appears that the NYT would like to give the impression that unmanned airplanes somehow took off autonomously, flew hundreds of miles, and then crashed in the World Trade Center. It seems that its tweet writers couldn't bring themselves to use a more meaningful adjective to describe the people who perpetrated this despicable act and decided to attribute it to an object. The tweet has subsequently been deleted.

The NYT's idiotic tweet along with Omar's earlier utterance, exemplifies the left's inexplicable effort to avoid attributing a terror attack to "Islamic extremists"—not the more palatable "violent extremists" but rather those scum who believe that Islam provides them the justification necessary to kill and main innocent "heretics" or "apostates."

If we are to remember 9/11, we have to remember who brought this horror to our shores, the Islamist/Wahabbi ideology they adopted, and the continuing lack of effort on the part of Islam to expunge it. "Somebody" isn't good enough. "Airplanes" don't fly themselves into buildings.

Oh ... I know the stated rationale. Those who talk about "violent extremists," or "somebody" or "airplanes" avoid the use of adjectives associated with Islam so that the 'deplorables' won't burn down Mosques and murder innocent Muslims. What condescending garbage! The American people acted with amazing restraint after 9/11. Few, if any, anti-Muslim acts occurred in the United States. 18 years later, that restraint remains.

By its virtue signaling on this topic, the Left once again proves that it has a very low opinion of our country and the people who live here. All of us should remember that simple fact when they ask us to allow them to lead.