The further to the left or the right you move, the more your lens on life distorts.

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Ju Jitzu

It is mildly ironic that a substantial majority of those who follow and idolize socialist politicians like Bernie Sanders or Liz Warren or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, graduate from college with degrees in English lit, or drama, or fine arts among may other "soft" degrees that do little to prepare them for the working world. In many cases, either they or their parents went into significant debt to allow them to acquire those degrees and now, of course, they cheer as the socialists suggest that college debt be foisted on all taxpayers.

The editors of the Wall Street Journal provide a few distressing facts:
... If you’re a parent going into hock to pay for your son or daughter’s degree in English lit, you may be feeling a mite anxious about what you are getting for all those dollars.

A just-released Bankrate study won’t make you feel any better. In a ranking of 162 college majors by median income and unemployment rate, English majors landed among the bottom dwellers, at 132. At $47,800 in median income, they did better than those in drama ($35,500) or fine arts ($37,000), but they earned less than half as much as someone who majored in, say, electrical engineering ($99,000).

Alas, even if your undergrad is happy with his English major now, other studies say he will come to regret it. In June, a Payscale survey of 250,000 college grads reported 1 in 5 with a humanities degree as saying that, next to their student loans, their choice of major was their biggest educational regret. A 2017 MarketWatch story was blunt: It called English “the most regretted college major in America.
Because every socialist lives in a fantasy world in which "big corporations" or "capitalism" is to blame for just about everything, they construct a fact-free artifice in which poor decisions made upon entry to college are never the responsibility of the parents or the student (or for that matter, the college), but instead, are the fault of the "system." But then, in an amazing feat of ideological ju jitsu, they demand that the "system" use the resources it demands of those who work within it (tax dollars) to save those who have been supposedly been victimized by it.