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Friday, October 25, 2019

And it begins ...

Well actually, it began within the justice department during the latter stages of the Obama administration. We don't know whether Barack Obama was aware of it (although that's appearing more and more likely), but it's almost certainly the case that other senior members of his administration were.

I began writing about it (with posts like this, this, and this in early 2018)—an attempt by very senior officials in the FBI and intelligence community to undermine a presidential candidate (Donald Trump) that later morphed into soft coup attempt when candidate Trump was elected President. It is unquestionably the greatest political scandal of my lifetime, and it may very well be the greatest political scandal in U.S. history. But because it makes the Democrats and their sympathizers in the FBI and the intelligence community look bad—very, very bad—the Dems' trained hamsters in the main stream media have pooh-poohed the entire story. Little if any investigation, little, if any dogged coverage. No matter that it's a MAJOR scandal, the Dems are threatened, so it's just a "conspiracy theory."

Yesterday, it was announced that John Durham, the DoJ's chief investigator into the scandal, has asked for a criminal investigation. The Dems and their trained hamsters in the media have reacted as expected. This headline from The New York Times: "Justice Dept. Is Said to Open Criminal Inquiry Into Its Own Russia Investigation" with the tag sentence: "The move is likely to open the attorney general to accusations that he is trying to deliver a political victory for President Trump."

Odd that inveterate liar, Rep. Adama Schiff (D-CA), said almost exactly the same thing. You'd think the Dems and their trained hamsters are coordinating their message. You'd think right.

The Dems are scared, and when they're scared their first reaction is to deny and obfuscate. They've been doing that for 18 months. Now, as the truth begins to come out, they'll claim that it all about political retribution. No there, there. Just politics. It's interesting that in pushing the Russian collusion hoax (a major part of all of this) the Dems actually did push a narrative in which there was no there, there.

Roger Simon comments:
Winter may be coming but it's already Springtime for Lawyers in Washington, D.C. The list of people lawyering up these days would probably fill this page and lap over onto the next. It's just been announced that the John Durham investigation into the provenance of the Russia probe has turned into a criminal investigation.

Subpoenas and grand juries are coming, real ones, not the Star Chamber counterfeits being orchestrated by the panicked Democrats and their junior league Southern California Torquemada.

To those of us who have been watching this spectacle from the beginning, this was inevitable. After all, where'd the Mueller/Russia probe come from in the first place? Since there was absolutely no there there, it makes no sense that it wasn't a fraud from the outset. Who started it? Who are the treasonous/seditious culprits who conspired to overthrow an election? Well, we should soon be finding out, although we can make some educated guesses.
Simon goes on to note that of all the people and organizations who are culpable in this travesty, the mainstream media may be the most guilty. Sure, others in the FBI, DoJ, and intelligence community got the ball rolling, but the trained hamsters knowingly promoted lie after lie, then gleefully published column after column of fake news, jettisoned their responsibility to investigate wrong doing, chased shadows (the Russian collusion hoax), and ignored a widespread conspiracy within our own government.

Simon continues
The names of these institutions we all know and they are some of the most important companies on our media landscape. This is time to name the biggest miscreants: The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal (front pages), the infantile BuzzFeed, the risible CNN, ABC, CBS, and the multiple sexual molesters at NBC. These are the people who have informed us, actually assured us, from the outset that Donald Trump had done things that deserved impeachment when all they did was try to overthrow an American presidential election. All that time they were harboring the real targets of the investigation, the real criminals.

Now it is time to overthrow them. They no longer deserve their place in our society.

Even now, within minutes actually, The New York Times is desperately trying to spin the news as legally biased in some manner, insulting Durham with no knowledge. How pathetic. How reactionary and how conformist. They really are still the paper of Walter Duranty, even though some of their more jejune reporters may never have heard of him.

Someone should remind the editors of the Times that it's not the crime but the coverup. They have been the masters of the coverup. The WaPo's reputation is up for grabs as well, their vaunted Watergate fame seriously besmirched.
If the editors ate the aforementioned news orgainzation had any integrity ( not.) they'd admit their error and do the job they're supposed to do. Instead, they've already begun to circle the wagons to protect the Democrats. Predictable.


Sarah Hoyt writing at Instapundit is right on target when she states:
This is what the fauxpeachment was about all along. Now as their malfeasance is discovered and rightly brought to justice they can claim partisan revenge. Sure, it’s not true. but it's true enough for their media organs to sell it?
So maybe the past 30-plus months of Dem hysteria, false charges, lies, and hoaxes were really an insurance policy just in case somebody actually decides to indict one or more of their allies for attempting a soft coup of an elected president. That somebody is John Durham, and I truly hope he indicts them all. And following in precedent set for Flynn and Manafort, I hope they frog march every one of them in handcuffs before the TV cameras.