The further to the left or the right you move, the more your lens on life distorts.

Thursday, October 31, 2019

"Cotton Candy Socialists"

Daniel Henninger coined the term "Cotton Candy Socialists" in a wonderful article on the way the current crop of Democratic candidates for president demonize "corporations" in a play to mollify the socialist/communist philosophy of their rabid left-wing base. In thinking about it, the term is a near-perfect metaphor for the new socialist trend that has been embraced by far too many in the Democratic party, by (if polling can be believed) a majority of millenials, and by most of the Democrat's trained hamsters in the main stream media.

Let's spend a moment thinking about cotton candy—a pink, overly sweet, diaphanous confection that is the favorite of children. Its content is pure sugar, with coloring to disguise that fact, and when it's spun within a cotton candy machine, it looks to be solid on first glance. Upon further examination it has very little substance at all, collapsing into a gooey mess when it encounters the real word outside the machine. At its best, cotton candy provides a pretty appearance on its serving stick, but it becomes a sticky, unmanageable mess when you consume it. With all of the sugar, it's reasonable to argue that it's really not good for your health.

Of course, you can never convince children that cotton candy is anything but good for them. It looks pretty and its sweetness is addicting.

The same is true for "cotton candy socialists." In fact because the majority of them have acted like petulant children in recent years, it's not the least bit surprising that they love of a political philosophy that is the equivalent of cotton candy—a sweet, gooey mess that has no societal value and can do damage if consumed in any non-trivial quantity.

The next time you hear Bernie or Liz or AOC or any other Democrat tell you that 'corporations are evil' or 'the rich must pay their fair share'—think cotton candy. Cotton candy socialists demand that everyone must eat the pink goo, and if they don't ... well ... that makes them a bad person.

Comedian Demetri Martin is quoting as sayiing, "Cotton candy is the perfect snack for when I'm in the mood to eat dry, scratchy fabric." I can only hope that our country will never be in the mood for that kind of snack.