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Tuesday, October 22, 2019


In a recent editorial, the New York Times editorial board writes about "A Crisis for the Republican Party." As if the hard-Left editors of the NYT give a damn about the GOP or its future. In fact, based on its own editorial history, the NYT would prefer to silence any news that might reflect well on a Republican president or GOP policies themselves. It would much prefer to gin up hysteria over vacuous claims of impending disaster (economic, international, or political), the RUSSIANs (!!) or anything else that makes the Democrats look like adults instead of petulant children who have a vicious streak.

It was the NYT, you'll recall, that gleefully participated in the Democrats' McCarthyesque attempted destruction of Brett Kavanaugh. And now, its editors have the unmitigated gall to conjure images of McCarthy as they describe the GOP. Roger Kimball comments:
If you haven’t had your daily dose of petulant surreality, swivel over to read this astounding editorial at what used to be America’s paper of record. This curious effusion warns that “The G.O.P. will not be able to postpone a reckoning on Donald Trump’s presidency for much longer.”

Oh, dear. Are things as bad as that? Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. And you know that it is really serious because the cri de coeur not only appears in the leaky flagship of the legacy media (I won’t name it if you don’t mind) but also it appears under the solemn byline of “The Editorial Board.”

Silence, please! The important people are about to speak. Pay attention!
Kimball goers on the quote a small segment of the Times editorial:
The Republican Party is again confronting a crisis of conscience, one that has been gathering force ever since Donald Trump captured the party’s nomination in 2016. Afraid of his political influence, and delighted with his largely conservative agenda, party leaders have compromised again and again, swallowing their criticisms and tacitly if not openly endorsing presidential behavior they would have excoriated in a Democrat. Compromise by compromise, Donald Trump has hammered away at what Republicans once saw as foundational virtues: decency, honesty, responsibility. He has asked them to substitute loyalty to him for their patriotism itself.
His rejoinder:
Decency, forsooth! Honesty! Responsibility! How “decent” was it of this wretched newspaper to forgo even the appearance of impartiality in its reporting on Donald Trump, how “honest,” how “responsible”?

Such handwringing oration is merely the runway for a long bill of particulars. I love it when the Editorial Board ticks off its indictments, because they never do it without flying far, far above the plain truth. The idea, I suspect, is to substitute assertion for fact in a rushed and very loud voice, hoping that velocity and volume will distract from the tendentiousness of your assertions.
In fact, Kimball's last sentence describes not just the NYT editorial approach, but the overriding strategy that has been applied by the Democratic party throughout the Russian collusion hoax and now the Impeachment coup attempt, to wit: "... substitute assertion for fact in a rushed and very loud voice, hoping that velocity and volume will distract from the tendentiousness of your assertions."

It worth pointing out that this strategy could not succeed without the willing participation and complicity of the Dems' trained hamsters in the media.

Kimball concludes with this:
Soon, very soon, the reports of Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz and the U.S. Attorney John Durham will be published. Attorney General William Barr will make good on his promise to get to the bottom of the biggest political scandal in our history. Then we’ll see the indictments and prosecutions and, probably, a spate of convictions.

The Editorial Board will howl. But it will be the impotent howl of one who has been exposed and humiliated. The evangelist Matthew spoke of fletus et stridor dentium: “wailing and gnashing of teeth.” Unpleasant, of course, but richly deserved.
There is no doubt whatsoever that Kimball's prediction of "howling" at the IG and DoJ reports will occur. I just hope that his prediction about the consequences comes to pass. I'm not so sure about that part.