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Friday, October 18, 2019


Even though the Democrats spent 30 months telling us the now proven lie that Donald Trump was a Russian stooge (some Dems still insist that the lie is a their truth); even though Robert Mueller spent two years investigating Russian interference in the 2016 election and essentially exonerated Trump of wrongdoing, and even though the Democrat's trained hamsters in the main stream media provided us with a steady stream of proven fake news about the events surrounding the "Russia Investigation," it would be no surprise if you didn't know who Joseph Mifsud is.

Roger Simon thinks everyone should know Mifsud and provides some background:
Mifsud — for those who may have been on a long vacation on Alpha Centauri – is the man who supposedly told George Papadopoulos the Russians had Hillary's missing emails to share with the Trump campaign and therewith launched a thousand Russia probe ships. The Mueller report implies Mifsud was a Russian agent, but other indications are that he was one of ours, in which case the whole Russia probe was the most outrageous, indeed evil, misuse of U.S. intelligence in our history.
Recent news stories indicate that the Justice Department probe into election interference has finally uncovered Mifsud's cell phones. Oddly, the mainstream media has no interest in this whatsoever, indicating that it is a threat, somehow, to the Democrats or their lackeys within the deep state.

You could argue, I suppose that there's nothing to see there and that two cells phones are just a small thing, but Simon thinks it might be major. He writes:
It doesn't take the proverbial rocket scientist to figure out how these phones suddenly materialized. Attorney General William Barr and U.S. Attorney John Durham were in Italy recently, one of Mifsud's favorite bailiwicks — Link Campus University in Rome — and his last known whereabouts before he vanished. It's unclear who gave Mifsud these phones and why, but, unlike others that were hammered, these particular BlackBerrys appear to be intact, their data ready for inspection or already being inspected.

After the disappointment — to put it mildly — of Jeff Sessions, many were nervous that Barr would not really follow through with his investigation. Once bitten, as they say. But the appearance of what seems like genuine evidence is a strong indication the man is for real. And this evidence wouldn't even have to have been leaked covertly to Ms. Powell because, given what it is, there's reason to view the phones as "Brady material" (i. e. exculpatory evidence indicating possible prosecutorial misconduct).
Odd, isn't it, that Barr and Durham were able to get the phones relatively quickly, yet Mueller was unable to acquire them after two years of investigation. Also odd, that the would-be Woodwards and Bersteins of the main stream media were notoriously uninterested in anything that might topple their well-constructed narrative about 2016.

The content on the phones might just indicate that things were not what they seemed re: Joseph Mifsud and that his masters weren't the Russians at all, but rather elements of our intelligence community. You know, the same deep state elements who are currently being investigated for attempting a soft coup to remove Donald Trump from power.

I suspect that the Dems' fevered efforts to keep "impeachment" in the headlines has much to do with their desire to bury the efforts of Barr and Durham, who might finally get to the bottom of who really tried to interfere in the 2016 elections and why. Inveterate liars like Rep. Adam Schiff and political manipulators like Nancy Pelosi might see a storm coming. The feeder bands of that storm, we'll can call it "hurricane Barr-Durham," might destroy their party's chances in 2020. Therefore, news of the storm must be buried by any means necessary.