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Thursday, October 03, 2019


The lastest coup attempt (a.k.a. impeachment inquiry) that the Democrats have mounted against a duly elected president gives us a fascinating look into the ugly side of human nature. Talk of impeachment among the Dems happened from the moment Trump won the presidency in a major upset. It continued through hoax after hoax based on phony allegations that occurred nonstop. It proceeded even though months of "collusion," then "obstruction," then "emoluments," and now—the horror—a phone call requesting that the Ukraine investigate an attempt by a Democrat Vice President in 2015-2016 to obstruct an investigation in that country. The fascinating thing about all of that is the the allegations aimed at Trump appear to have been the very things that the Dems actually did in the run-up to the 2016 election.

Collusion. There is hard, irrefutable evidence that Hillary Clinton and the DNC worked with foreign nationals and the Russians to create a phony dossier on Trump. The dossier was them used as evidence to convince a court to allow spying on the trump campaign. There is hard, irrefutable evidence that Dem sympathizers in the FBI and CIA planned a soft coup once Trump was elected, based on a Russian collusion narrative that has now been proven by their own special counsel to be a hoax.

Obstruction. Wow, let's begin with 33,000 emails that were destroyed after an investigation was launched into Hillary Clinton's email server, or maybe the implication that Joe Biden removed a Ukrainian Special prosecutor because he was about to investigate a Ukrainian company that was paying his son $50K a month for a position the son has no qualifications for.

Daniel Henninger comments:
As the Trump impeachment narrative descends into the familiar bog of incomprehensibility, some guidance: Do not confuse Ukraine with Ukrainia.

Ukraine is a real country. Ukrainia is an imaginary place created by the national Democratic Party and the Washington press corps.

It was probably inevitable that after 2½ years of the Trump presidency, the Democrats and the press would end up in Ukrainia. For years, they have accused Mr. Trump, with some justification, of creating his own reality. Last week, they decided to create their own.

This story began two weeks ago, on a Thursday, with reports of a whistleblower filing a complaint to the intelligence community’s inspector general about Mr. Trump’s July 25 phone call with Volodymyr Zelensky, the real president of the real Ukraine. For about 48 hours, the issue was simple: Had Mr. Trump pressured Mr. Zelensky to investigate Joe Biden and his son Hunter?

That Sunday, Mr. Trump said he did bring up Mr. Biden during a conversation about corruption. On Tuesday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced she had approved a formal inquiry into Mr. Trump’s impeachment. Then, in what became the working headline for everything else last week, “the dam broke.”
In their fevered attempts to negate the results of the 2016 election, the Dems have taken up permanent residence in their fantasy place—Ukrainia. In this fantasy world, the Dems are the White Knights battling the evil Orange Man. They use magic to conjure events that never happened; they sit on high benches and pontificate about morality and honesty, while exhibiting neither in their day-to-day attempts to destroy a presidency; they rely on an army of trained hamsters in the media (a.k.a. their Praetorian guard) to protect them when their misdeeds come to light; they use spies embedding with the evil Orange Man's castle to make him out to be the Devil or Hitler, or ... whatever.

The only problem for the Dems is that Ukrainia is a fantasy place. In the real world, where the vast majority of the electorate actually lives, the White Knights armor has become tarnished; their non-stop moralizing has become a laughingstock because their hypocrisy is so evident, and their army of hamsters has been routed by a continuing stream of fake news.

This epic tale will undoubtedly end badly, but the big question is whether the bad ending will apply to the Dems of their Orange enemy. My guess is former. Why? To use an aphorism I've used many times: When fantasy collides with reality, reality wins every time.


Among the most prominent inhabitants of Ukrainia is Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), chair of the House Intelligence Committee. Schiff is a congenital liar—a man who has made literally dozens of claims and accusations that have been proven untrue. Yet in Ukrainia, he is point man for the Dems' coup (a.k.a. impeachment inquiry). Matt Margolis comments:
On Wednesday, Adam Schiff, who's leading the Democrats' effort to impeach Donald Trump, said any efforts to interfere with their investigation by anyone in the Trump administration "will be considered as evidence of obstruction of justice." Real cute, considering that it was Trump himself who wanted the Zelensky call transcript released, and the whistleblower complaint as well. Schiff added, "We're not fooling around here."

Oh, really? Wasn't Adam Schiff the one who made up a fictitious version of Trump's phone with Ukrainian president Zelensky because the actual transcript wasn't damning enough, only to then claim it was a "parody"?

Even if you choose to accept Schiff's parody excuse as a legitimate explanation, how does one square that with "We're not fooling around here"? How does one square that with the fact Schiff claimed for two years he had evidence of Russian collusion even though he didn't? Schiff has been "fooling around" with impeachment threats for three years now, how dare he pretend to be the adult in the room? Democrats have been making a mockery of the entire process because they've been calling for Trump to be impeached since he was elected.
Indeed, they have. Ukrainia is much like the place that Alice visited when she went down the rabbit hole and met the Chesire Cat—a Character in Alice in Wonderland who reminds me of the Democrats. The Cat was smug and at the same time delusional when he said, “Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”