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Saturday, October 12, 2019

Where's Hunter?

Where's Hunter? It's the wording on a comically ironic tee shirt, but at the same time, it's a question that CANNOT be asked, if you're one of the hundreds of the Democrats' trained hamsters in the main stream media. In fact, it is now verboten to discuss anything even smacking of influence peddling by Joe Biden (think: the Dem's favorite current allegation against Trump—quid pro quo) or inappropriate enrichment of family members (think: Hunter Biden's deals with the Ukraine and China while father Joe was the VP).

Jonathan Turley comments:
Hunter Biden: The mere mention of his name seemingly triggers the vapors among cable TV hosts and their guests.

When President Trump turned to the Bidens and Ukraine in a speech, MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace cut off the coverage, declaring she had to protect the listeners: "We hate to do this, really, but the president isn't telling the truth." When Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.) tried to answer a question about the Ukraine scandal by referencing the Bidens, "Meet the Press" host Chuck Todd [my opinion of Chuck Todd is noted here] angrily told him not to "gaslight" the nation.

The Bidens, simply, are not what well-bred people discuss in polite company, apparently. Indeed, many journalists seem to be channeling not Edward R. Murrow, the fabled CBS newscaster, but Florence Hartley, the author of "The Ladies' Book of Etiquette, and Manual of Politeness" in 1872. Hartley warned her readers to "avoid, at all times, mentioning subjects or incidents that can in any way disgust your hearers."

For news shows on MSNBC, CNN and other cable networks, nothing is more disgusting than the mention of what Hunter Biden actually was doing in Ukraine.
The trained hamsters have decided that no further discussion of Joe and Hunter is allowed, because ... well, never, ever mention corrupt Democrats who have been outed by the evil Trump.

With panic in their eyes and in their voices, the hamsters fall back on what Turley calls a "conclusory mantra that 'this has all been investigated.'" That is, in essence they're saying, there's nothing to see here, move along. It truly is amazing how incurious the hamsters are when they want to be. And in the case of the Bidens, they really, really, really want to look the other way.

As if somehow to counter-attack, the Dems and their hamsters try a pathetic strategy described by Marc Lotter:
Realizing the severity of the situation for the flagging front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination, the left is currently in distraction mode. Democrats want to create a false equivalency between Biden being paid by entities in Ukraine and China while his father was vice president, and Ivanka Trump’s successful business enterprises. Anyone who dares to ask questions about Biden’s shady international business dealings is met with “But, but, but what about Ivanka?” The comparison is ludicrous.

Ivanka Trump spent years in business prior to her father’s leap into politics. As part of building and growing her business, she filed over 120 trademarks to protect her brand and name — all before Donald Trump announced his candidacy for president. It would have been business malpractice for her not to secure legal protections, especially in countries like China where corporate theft is routine. Case in point, within days of President Trump taking office, more than 65 Chinese companies tried to trademark “Ivanka Trump” for different products. As a smart businesswoman, Ivanka fought to prevent companies from stealing and profiting from her name, especially since she was entering public service as an unpaid senior advisor to the president. So, while the media portrays her in a negative light, the truth is that she paid from her own pocket to protect her name while receiving nothing in return.

Meanwhile, Hunter Biden had zero experience in Ukraine and zero experience in the international gas market, but while Joe Biden was vice president of the United States, a Ukrainian gas company found it useful to pay Hunter $50,000 per month for work that is unknown. Hunter also flew to China on Air Force Two with his father, and his firm later received a $1.5 billion investment from China’s national bank. Both “jobs” occurred while Joe Biden was leading the Obama administration’s policy in those two countries. Coincidence?

Everyone knows Hunter Biden received these incredible business opportunities only because of his last name. He brought no other skills or expertise to the table — just look at his resume. This is a classic example of a political family profiteering from public service.
The big question is whether V.P. Joe Biden brought pressure on the Ukraine and China or made a less than subtle suggestion that led to "a political family profiteering from public service."

As I've written many times, the Dems suffer from two serious maladies. The first, Trump Derangement Syndrome is self evident and has led to the second, Projection. Virtually every case of Trump wrongdoing that they have falsely alleged (Collusion, Obstruction, and now Quid pro quo) was actually something that one or more prominent Democrats have done during the Obama years or shortly thereafter (and there's copious evidence to prove it).

Maybe that's why the Dems' trained hamsters have decided to stonewall for the Bidens.