The further to the left or the right you move, the more your lens on life distorts.

Thursday, November 07, 2019

Smart Kids

One of the most amusing things about far too many progressives, including a very large majority of Democrats, is they honestly believe they're the 'smart kids.' They and they alone see the flaws and injustices in our society and they and they alone have iron-clad "solutions" that if translated into policy and law, would make our irreparably flawed, country a leftist utopia. Everyone would get "justice," the rich would "pay their fair share," unkind words would never be spoken, diversity would triumph over merit, violence would disappear, and the United States would flourish as never before.

The 'smart kids' also think that anyone who doesn't agree with their solutions, who thinks that their utopian promises of a socialist paradise are bunk, who looks at the history of big government (and socialism) around the word and sees wreckage and failure is simply a low intelligence "deplorable" who must be ridiculed or when that fails, aggressively demonized. The Dem's trained hamsters in the media provide a major assist in all of this, smiling knowingly about 'the right-wing loonies, or conservatives, or Trump supporters. They want all of us to know that those people think monolithically—that's they're really no better than a cult. All of this is evidence of psychological projection on the part on progressives and Dems, but introspection has never been their strong suit.

Mollie Hemingway discusses a small example of this, based on the findings of a recent poll:
Coverage of a new poll out from Monmouth beautifully illustrates how Trump Derangement destroys what should be simple political analysis. The poll was brutal for impeachment fans in the media. Just less than 60 percent of respondents agreed that “people who want Trump out of office should just vote him out next year instead of going through impeachment.” Seventy-three percent have little or no trust in the impeachment process. And 60 percent say Democrats are more interested in bringing down Trump than in learning facts.
Staying true to form, the trained hamsters didn't mention any of that. Instead, much was made of poll findings that indicated that 26% of Trump supporters agreed with the statement that "nothing would cause you to support impeachment" and that 62% of Trump supporters said that they could think of nothing that would cause them to disapprove of Trump. The trained hamsters nodded knowingly and they smirked while reporting these results. But they decided to leave out still other results. Hemingway continues:
The numbers on that question for Democrats, which many in the media completely ignored, are even worse.

Trump approvers (43 percent of respondents) were asked if he could do anything that would make them disapprove of him. Of that group, 62 percent said there’s nothing he could do to make them disapprove of his job performance. That’s the question media are focusing on to prove how stupid and tribal those Republican voters are.

But Trump disapprovers (51 percent of respondents) were similarly asked if Trump could ever do anything aside from resigning that would make them approve of his job performance. Guess what: 70 percent of disapprovers said there’s nothing he could possibly do to earn their approval of his job performance.

So if one wants to argue that one party is mindlessly tribal, the numbers clearly show that the anti-Trump Resistance is the most mindless and tribal faction in American politics today.
Gee ... who are the 'smart kids' now?