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Monday, November 11, 2019

The Gang that Couldn't Think Straight

In a way, you almost have to feel sorry for the Democrats. Like the gang who couldn't shoot straight, they layout grand plans to take down their nemesis, Donald Trump, relying on a combination of lies, anonymous tipsters embedded in the deep state (which they now admit does exist after years of saying it didn't), and political posturing that would be embarrassing, if it wasn't so destructive. They invent "crimes" that never happened (think: Russian collusion), accuse Trump of trying to take down a political opponent when they have been caught doing just that (think: Hillary Clinton's purchase of the Steele dossier), and then, offer up a clown car of socialist presidential candidates most of who are so out of touch with the American mainstream that they struggle to remain relevant.

Last month they conducted secret star chamber impeachment investigation "hearings" in which they selectively leaked the most damaging comments from a collection of anti-Trump deep state denizens. This week, they'll attempt a public show trial, disallowing the testimony of anyone who might threaten their insane narrative. All you can do is shake your head and ask why?

The answer is fairly obvious. A real DoJ investigation of a real scandal is underway. If facts already known are any indication, the results of that investigation will not go well for either the Dems or the deep state. So ... it's critical for the Dems along with their trained hamsters in the media to change the subject before any damning evidence is released—to be able to claim that any report is just "political retribution" rather than a clear and irrefutable indictment of crimes committed as part of a 'soft coup' attempt.

Roger Simpon comments on some of this:
... the actual "favor" (that was the word used) being asked for on the phone by Trump to Zelensky was about CrowdStrike, not about the Bidens, who were an afterthought. You may have heard of CS by now. It's the digital firm with roots in California and Ukraine that was asked by the FBI to investigate the break-in of the DNC server during election 2016. Why the FBI, with all its vaunted cyber facilities, did not do this themselves is open to question—and everybody in the Beltway cesspool knows it, all the despicable creeps wringing their hands over Trump. Omertà rules in Washington, especially among the Democrats and the media (of all places).

They all know that the real investigation is in progress—what happened early in 2016 and thereafter that instigated the two-plus years of phony national hysteria known as the Russia probe, the probe that did everything it could, but thankfully failed, to upend the Trump administration. The characters who engineered this shouldn't just be impeached—some have already lost their jobs—they should be sent to stir. We shall see how this plays out, hopefully soon.

Meanwhile, if you were Donald Trump, wouldn't you ask a favor of a foreign leader if you thought he might have access to information solving that endless, vicious case against him that looks as if it was a set-up? Do bears you-know-what in the woods? You can bet Pelosi, Schiff, and even Rachel Maddow would do the same thing if they were subject to the same wretched, immoral, disgusting and unpatriotic treatment for three years and counting.

This whole show trial would just be an amusing farce in the farcical land of D.C. politics were it not for one thing—it just could (not likely, but could) be successful. And if it is, that's the end of our country as we know it. Half of our citizens will feel completely disenfranchised. Where it will go from there is anybody's guess.
After their show trial, the Dems (and possibly a few GOP #NeverTrumpers) will issue sham articles of impeachment against Trump. They're hoping that will drown out reports of actual crimes committed by Democratic partisans in the deep state. They're hoping that indictments of the perpetrators can be characterized as "just politics," and they're fighting hard to be sure that people don't connect the dots and come to a clear understanding that the previous Democratic administration was behind some or all of it.

None of this was supposed to happen to the gang that couldn't shoot straight. Hillary was supposed to win. The actions of the deep state against her opponent were supposed to remained buried forever. But it didn't work out that way.

Had the Dems accepted the result of the 2016 election and moved on, it just might be that the real 'soft coup' scandal would never have been revealed. But the Dems were so consumed with Trump Derangement Syndrome they could think straight. So they decided to wreck politics for a generation or more.


So ... let me see if I've got this straight. A few weeks ago, leading Democratic candidate for President, Socialist Bernie Sanders, stated that he would cut off all aid to our only true ally in the Middle east, Israel, if they didn't capitulate to the palestinians:
“I would use the leverage, $3.8 billion is a lot of money, and we cannot give it carte blanche to the Israeli government or for that matter to any government at all.”
Not to be outdone, Dem frontrunner, Liz Warren echoed the sentiment.

Wait ... what? Isn't that a quid pro quo? Where's the Dem outrage? Where are the hearings? Where's Adam Shiff?

The Left mindlessly hates Israel, so Bernie is just reflecting this extreme leftist position. If he were to be elected president (a frightening thought), he would be within his rights to modify aid to Israel -- although not without a tsunami of justified criticism. Would withholding aid be an impeachable offense. Nope. A catastrophically bad decision ... yes. But impeachable ... no.

But now, the Dems have created a precedent. So if Bernie or Liz or Pete or Joe or even Hillary (shudder) were to be elected in 2020 and place terms on aid to a foreign government, the GOP could then launch impeachment proceedings, right?