The further to the left or the right you move, the more your lens on life distorts.

Saturday, December 14, 2019


Conservatives (the Tories) in the U.K. won a landslide victory against the leftist Labour Party. That should give the leftist base of the new Democratic Party in the United States nightmares ... the kind that leave you in shaking in their aftermath. The Labour party was Led by an anti-Semitic, hard left ideologue, Jeremy Corbyn (BTW, someone who is a "friend" of the now-silent "Squad" of hard-left Democrat congresswomen), and suffered shocking loses in Parliament as the British public said 'enough' to their extreme politics and their rabid obstructionism on Brexit.

For old school Dems in the U.S, there are uncomfortable parallels between the Tories and the new Democratic party. Both have moved hard left. Both refuse to condemn the anti-Semitic elements that are growing within their ranks (think: Ilhan Omar or Rashida Talib as examples in the USA). Both have prominent members that are hard left (think: Bernie Sanders or Liz Warren). Both are pro-tax and demonize "the rich." Both think that the government can solve all problems. Both spew hate at supporters of the opposition party and have extremist wings (think: Antifa) that are prone to violence. Both parties have significant minorities that shouted "not my president/not my prime minister" after their respective election losses. And incredibly, both have enlisted the infamous Fusion GPS (Hillary Clinton's go-to opposition research arm) to concoct smears of Donald Trump/Boris Johnson.

In Britain, the people voted and rejected Labour emphatically. Charles C.W. Cooke suggests some reasons for the U.K. blowout:
... It has happened because Corbyn promised a return to a time in which Britain was the sick man of Europe — a time of rolling blackouts, of runaway inflation, of endless “brain drain,” of union excess.

It has happened because the Labour Party under Corbyn’s leadership has become an incubator of anti-Semitism and unpleasantness, and, when push comes to shove, the British will not stand for that.

It has happened because Corbyn has surrounded himself with communists and kooks and the worst hangers-on to the magnet that is “radical chic.”

And it has happened, above all, because it has been more than three years since the British voted to leave the European Union and yet Britain remains a member.

That last point is crucial. The British establishment, in concert with the Labour Party and the Liberal Democrats, have been calling for a second Brexit referendum since the first one went the “wrong” way in 2016. Thursday, they got it — and how. Last time, the Leavers won by the thinnest of margins. Tonight, they crushed it.

Not everyone who contributed to the Conservative victory was a staunch supporter of Brexit. But they didn’t have to be to favor a resolution to the saga. There exists in Britain a large but quiet group of voters who believe primarily in fair play, in democracy and in keeping promises, and who have come to believe that it is time to deliver the result that was promised.
Does any of this sound vaguely familiar? Can we find similarities here at home?
The new democratic party is becoming an "incubator" as well. Its actions over the past 3 years have given new meaning to the word "unpleasantness," and to paraphrase Cooke, Americans will not stand for that.

M.H Johnston provides some additional analysis:
The American parallel to the counter-productive purism of the Liberal Democrats’ strategy is the apparently suicidal desire of the Democratic base to impeach President Trump. Apart from being, in my view, wrong on the facts and the law, Congressional Democrats’ apparent inability to control their base’s Trump Derangement Syndrome -derived compulsion to impeach is, well, stupid. They have no chance whatsoever of removing Trump and, again in my view, a Senate trial can only highlight both the flimsiness of their case and the corruption behind both the Mueller investigation and the Bidens’ family activities in Ukraine. The Trump-obsessed Democrats won’t get what they want and they will almost certainly end up with a lot of egg on their faces.

Like the Liberal Democrats, the Democrats are letting their passions get in the way of their preferred policy outcomes; they are opting for the politics of personal destruction over the steady or considered advancement of their policy aims – and I expect that they will pay a similar price to that of Labour and the Liberal Democrats.
Indeed, the Dems fate in 2020 may very well be the same as that of Labour in 2019. And it couldn't happen to a more deserving bunch.