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Monday, December 16, 2019

End-Stage Addicts

Victor Davis Hansen is a historian, so he remembers things that others would prefer we forget. He writes:
Donald Trump certainly is mercurial at times. He can be uncouth.

But then again, no president in modern memory has been on the receiving end of such overwhelmingly negative media coverage and a three-year effort to abort his presidency, beginning the day after his election.

Do we remember the effort to subvert the Electoral College to prevent Trump from assuming office?

The first impeachment try during his initial week in office?

Attempts to remove Trump using the ossified Logan Act or the emoluments clause of the Constitution?

The idea of declaring Trump unhinged, subject to removal by invoking the 25th Amendment?

Special counsel Robert Mueller's 22-month, $35 million investigation, which failed to find Trump guilty of collusion with Russia in the 2016 election and failed to find actionable obstruction of justice pertaining to the non-crime of collusion?

The constant endeavors to subpoena Trump's tax returns and to investigate his family, lawyers and friends?

Now, frustrated Democrats plan to impeach Trump, even as they are scrambling to find the exact reasons why and how.

Most presidents might seem angry after three years of that. Yet in paradoxical fashion, Trump suddenly appears more composed than at any other time in his volatile presidency.

Ironically, Trump's opponents and enemies are the ones who have become publicly unhinged.
Adding to VDH's list, we might also consider:
  • The despicable treatment of Trump's nominee for the Supreme Court, Bret Kavanaugh, that was really yet another attempt to discredit Trump.
  • The media's continual and wholly dishonest assertion that the FBI's efforts to spy on Trump's campaign and then submarine his presidency (proven correct by the IG report) were nothing more than a conspiracy theory.
  • The lack of reporting on a vibrant economy in which minorities (including women) have prospered and achieved historically high levels of employment and wages.
  • The lack of reporting on the growing support that Trump has garnered among African Americans and Latinos, as both groups achieve record-high economic gains.
  • The continual allegations by Dems and their media hamsters of "racism," "white supremacy," and "misogyny" that have no basis in fact.
  • The shocking levels of media bias and animus toward an elected president.
and on ... and on. VDH goes on to recount the pathetic and continuing failed attempts by Democrats and their trained hamsters in the media to stop Trump, writing:
The common denominator of all this petulance is exasperation over the inability to derail Trump. Trump's many enemies fear he will be re-elected in 2020, given a booming economy and peace abroad. They know that they cannot remove him from office. And yet they fear that the more they try to stain him with impeachment, the more frustrated and unpopular they will become. Yet, like end-stage addicts, they simply cannot stop the behavior that is consuming them.
To paraphrase Glen Reynolds: All the Dems had to do to win this election was not act crazy ... and they couldn't even do that.