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Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Meth Addicts

From the very beginning, the Democrats knew full well they were going to impeach Donald Trump. They rooted around in the political mire, looking for an excuse—any excuse—that would justify their actions. They lied, they bent or obliterated the rules of the House, they tried to destroy the reputation of anyone close to Trump, they obstructed investigations into their own wrong-doing, they weaponized the deep state and the media, they name-called, and as they struggled to make impeachment happen, they became hysterical. Today, they introduce two tendentious articles of impeach. What a shock!

Political opposition is healthy and necessary in a democracy, but the Dems have substituted derangement for opposition and as a consequence, have done nothing other than try to undo an election they lost. The end result is that immigration reform, health care reform, trade reform and other issues critical to our nation's well-being have gone untouched. The irony is that Donald Trump may very well have negotiated reasonable reforms on some or all of these issues, but the Dems just couldn't give him the wins. After all, impeachment was the Dem's sole focus. The further irony in all of this is that Trump has achieved incredible economic successes for all citizens and some foreign policy victories despite the Dem's attacks.

It looks like the Dems behavior over the past three years is beginning to hurt them. In a recent poll of battle ground states, Firehouse Strategies has found that support for Dem candidates in head-to-head contests with Trump has eroded significantly over the past quarter. In MI, PA, and WS, Trump beats every Democrat contender. This was not the case a year ago.

Even more telling, Trump's support among African Americans and Latinos is growing. Newsday reports:
The new Emerson poll puts Trump at 35 percent with black voters and 38 percent with Hispanics. “If you add in Asian voters at 28 percent approval,” notes Emerson’s director of polling Spencer Kimball, “our number is very close to the new Marist poll,” which finds Trump’s approval at 33 percent among non-white voters. A recent RasmussenReports poll has Trump support among black voters at 34 percent, and even the new CNN poll has Trump’s approval among non-white voters at 26 percent.
I think the Dems are a lot like meth addicts. Deep down, they know what they're doing is stupid and wrong, bad for their health, and destructive to their well-being. They look in the mirror (the polls) and see the results. But it feels so good to channel their hatred in such public and provocative ways that they simply don't care.

There one more detail—meth addicts rarely come out the other end without damage, and in many cases, severe damage. That's beginning to happen with the Dems. There's no political party that has earned it more.


This angry comment from Stephen Kruiser pretty much says it all:
The utter pointlessness of the impeachment charade is what is so frustrating. The Democrats are still upset that their long game with the Mueller report laid and egg and left them with nothing. This pathetic Ukrainian do-over of theirs won’t be given the kindest treatment by history, no matter how infused with righteousness their indignation may seem to them at the moment.
Frankly, the 'charade' is so obvious to so many that the voters' verdict is far more important than the historians'.