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Thursday, December 12, 2019

The Joke/Hoax and the Scandal

Two things are happening simultaneously in Washington, DC. One is a joke/hoox that is meritless, seting a precedent that could potentially hurt all future presidents. That would be the Democrats pathetic and desparate vote to impeach an elected president of the United States.

The other is arguably the most serious political scandal to ever envelope the nation's Capital—the weaponization (by the Democrat administration then in power and its many sympathizers within the deep state) of our premier law enforcement agency to investigate and undermine a candidate for president and then, once he won the election, destroy his presidency. That would be the Crossfire Hurricane scandal.

The Democrats and their trained hamsters in the media* would have us believe that the joke/hoax (the impeachment) is a threat to the constitution and democracy and that a scandal (Crossfire Hurricane) that does threaten the very basis of our democratic system is a "hoax" and or a "conspiracy theory." So much for reality.

The Dems and their trained hamsters tell us that the IG report that begins the long process of correcting the abuses that were Crossfire Hurricane "vindicated" the senior players within the FBI and intelligence community. Nothing could be further from the truth, but the NYT, WaPo and slew of alphabet networks never saw a piece of fake news they didn't like. In the words of Michael Horowitz, the FBI Inspector General, NO ONE who participated in FISA abuse and spying on the Trump campaign was vindicated by his report.

Miranda Devine comments:
Inspector General Michael Horowitz finally damned the FBI during his testimony Wednesday when he said he would be “skeptical” that there was anything accidental in the egregious catalog of errors the FBI committed in its spying operation on Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

It took five hours of questioning about the FBI’s motivations but Horowitz, prudent and impartial as he is, finally delivered the money shot.

Asked by Republican Sen. Mike Crapo if the 17 “significant errors or omissions” he found in the FBI’s surveillance operation could possibly be “accidental,” Horowitz said: “I would be skeptical.”

He went on to explain “the answers we got were not satisfactory [so] we’re left trying to understand how could all these errors have occurred over a nine-month period on three teams hand-picked, on . . . the highest-profile case of the FBI, going to the very top of the organization, involving a presidential campaign.”

Horowitz described the conduct of the FBI as “inexplicable” when its operatives bent the rules to try to prove Trump’s campaign was colluding with Russia.

But sadly the FBI’s conduct is all too explicable. It can be explained by the proven anti-Trump bias of its personnel, hand-picked to run Crossfire Hurricane, the FBI operation to spy on the Trump campaign using salacious opposition research paid for by Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Horowitz’s testimony confirms suspicions that the Russia-collusion hoax amounted to an attempted coup against Trump and laid the groundwork for impeachment.

“It’s Trump today,” Sen. Lindsay Graham said in a blistering opening statement before he began questioning Horowitz. “It could be you or me tomorrow . . . if they can do this to the candidate for the president of the United States, what could they do to you? The Trump presidency will end in a year or five years . . . but we can’t write this off as being just about one man or one event. We’ve got to understand how off the rails the system got.”
The funny thing is, the Democrats are saying all the right things about how election interference is a threat to democracy. The only problem is Trump Derangement Syndrome has them focusing on the victim rather that the aggressor. Trump was the victim of Crossfire Hurricane (and won despite of it). The FBI and the intelligence agencies, all working under a Democrat administration that the IG report indicates was briefed on their actions, were the aggressors. But the Dems refuse to look because it happened on their watch.

No matter. I'm hopeful that at least some of the perpetrators will be indicted for these heinous actions and maybe a few will go the jail. That would be appropriate.


* Its worth noting that both CNN and MSNBC (both champions of the impeachment joke/hoax) inexplicably cut away from the opening statements of the Horowitz hearing, thereby ignoring the real "threat to democracy." After all, when actual reality conflicts with their fake new fantasy, it's best to ignore it.