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Friday, January 31, 2020

Around the Corner

Thankfully, it appears that sanity will prevail and the Senate will vote to end the impeachment sham late tonight or early tomorrow morning. Of course, if the Democrats are true to form, their house organs, the NYT or WaPo, are geared up to release the latest "bombshell" before noon today, suggesting, say, that there is video of Donald Trump signing a secret pact with Vladimir Putin and laughing about their "conspiracy" to defeat Hillary Clinton, and oh yeah, that Joe Biden was the only person who wanted to expose the video and is completely innocent of any hint of corrupt practices. Of course, the video is nowhere to be found, but Adam Schiff and the usual Dem suspects will go into high gear, suggesting that unless it is produced, the GOP Senators are guilty of a COVER-UP!!!!

You can only shake your head at the psychological projection that has defined the Democrats over the past three years. They complain about Russian collusion in 2016, yet it was only Hillary Clinton and the DNC who used cutouts to collude with Russian sources to produce a fake dossier; they condemn election interference, but it was the FBI and other intelligence services under a Democrat administration that tried mightily to interfere in the election, and they wail about a cover-up, when they have worked tirelessly to cover up the evidence that proves their desperate grab for power has no bounds.

Tomorrow, the Dems' "cover-up offensive" will begin in earnest—hoping against hope that it will give them an electoral advantage against Trump and a select number of GOP Senate candidates. The fact that the offensive is built on lies has no bearing on the dems actions, because if it did, much of what has happened over the past three years wouldn't have occurred.

And the media?

They'll back the Dems with full-throated support, but there's a problem. Relatively few Americans trust the media to report accurately and without bias. Robert Stacey McCain comments:
The benefit of having a majority of the news media acting as Democratic propaganda operatives is diminished if (a) Democrats make the mistake of believing their own publicity, or (b) the public becomes aware of the unbalanced nature of what is being presented as “news.” In 2016, biased coverage led Democrats to underestimate the appeal of Trump’s populist message, and Trump made it a habit to call attention to how biased the media really is.
I have noted in the past that the Dems are hurt, not helped, by the media's strong left-wing bias. Without objective observers to call them on their crazy, often completely unsubstantiated claims; without investigative journalists who truly do look for the truth as opposed to looking only for "evidence" that fits the Democrat narrative; without someone acting as a check on the Dems' increasingly outrageous claims, the Dems and their followers in the progressive movement begin to believe their own B.S.

So today, Impeachment #1 is likely to end. Good.

But I fear that unless the Dems lose the House in 2020, Impeachment #2 is just around the corner.