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Friday, January 10, 2020

Flower Children

3, 2, 1, .... Like clockwork, the hard-left progressive wing of the Democratic party (i.e., a significant majority of the party base) has decided that only an imminent threat justifies the killing of a long-time terror mastermind who is responsible for hundreds of American military deaths. And even when they're told that a threat did exist, they waffle, because ... Trump.

After telling us that Trump's action would lead us to WWIII, and then becoming near-hysterical about Iran's retaliation, and then suggesting that Iran's mistaken shoot-down of a Ukrainian passenger plane was ... get ready for it ... "Trump's fault." That if only Trump had not responded to Iran's hijacking of oil tankers in international waters, or the attack on Saudi-Arabia's oil field, and dozens of other Iran-backed and Soleimani-planned terror attacks over the past few months ... oh wait, Trump didn't respond, showing considerable restraint until the Mullahs ordered a proxy Islamist group to attack Americans (killing one) and the US embassy.

But the Left has apparently decided that Iran can act with impunity regardless of who they kill or what they do.

Kim Strassel comments:
The targeted killing of Maj. Gen. Qasem Soleimani led the progressive movement to go full flower child...

Voters now know that a President Bernie Sanders would not take action against Iran or other rogue regimes, no matter how many red lines they cross. Mr. Sanders will take no step that might bring us anywhere closer to “another disastrous war” or cost “more dollars and more deaths.” A President Elizabeth Warren would similarly offer a pass to leaders of U.S.-designated terrorist groups, at least if they have an official title. The Trump strike, she said, amounted to the “assassination” of “a government official, a high-ranking military official.”

The House Progressive Caucus in a Thursday press conference laid out additional aspects of the left’s foreign-policy worldview. Member after member took to the podium to demand legislation that would hem all presidents in from further acts of deterrence. Rep. Ilhan Omar explained that progressives don’t oppose only military force; they also oppose “crippling sanctions,” which “starve the innocent people of Iran.”
Hmmm. I know who the Mullahs will be rooting for in November of 2020. Let's hope they don't get their wish.