The further to the left or the right you move, the more your lens on life distorts.

Thursday, January 23, 2020


As the Democrat's impeachment jihad careens forward, there's no longer any point to arguing the impeachment accusations on their merits. The Dems have transformed Trump Derangement Syndrome into a kind of hysteria that has them honestly believing that a telephone call about corruption potentially perpetrated by the Bidens is a "threat to our Democracy." No rational argument, no set of facts, no action by the GOP-lead Senate will reduce their hysteria.

So what is this all about? Daniel Henninger provides a reasonable answer:
The Democratic Party is now defined by the faces it puts in front of us—Mrs. Pelosi, Mr. Schiff, Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Jerry Nadler, Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. That is a party of the left. In reality, the party’s membership—in the House and Senate—is more representative of the political diversity inside the 50 states. We aren’t all California and New York yet.

But always maneuvering beneath the surface of any political event are factions, on the right and left, struggling daily for control of their party and ultimately the presidency—and with it the power, they think, to impose their beliefs on the American people.
Henninger contends that the "last embers" of a more moderate Democratic party died with the defeat of Hillary Clinton in 2016, to be replaced by the far-left radicalism of Bernie Sander et al. This hard shift to the left leaves the Dems no choice but to stoke the hysteria of its leftist base. He writes:
The implications of this shift are before us. Even the centralizing policies of the Obama presidency were suddenly insufficient, displaced by Medicare for All, the Green New Deal and abstruse cultural litmus tests of social “wokeness.”

As relevant to understanding the meaning of the Trump impeachment are the Democratic left’s ideas about the design and conduct of the established political system.

They describe Donald Trump as a threat to “our democracy.” The House managers’ brief says the current president is jeopardizing “our democracy.” This isn’t just rhetoric. The “our” word is loaded with meaning.

On the left, the phrase “our democracy” is synonymous with their mystical notion of something called the “will of the people.” In this political model, popular in South America, when something—an opponent or idea—gets in the way of the will of the people, the solution is to suppress, replace or ban it. Competing with it is considered a waste of time.
Two points are worth noting. First, the 'democracy" advocated by the Left is NOT the democracy desired by half this country. Half of the U.S. population doesn't want big intrusive government, doesn't like higher and higher taxes, more and more restrictions, fewer and fewer freedoms, and greater and greater controls on what you can say and even, what you can think. Second, the reason that the Left doesn't want to compete or allow honest debate (think: the banning of conservative voices on college campuses) that explores their ideas is that deep down, the know they can't win. Socialism is an ideology that has failed repeatedly throughout history. A majority of Americans recognize that at a visceral level, even as others clamor for more and more "free stuff" that the leftist politicians like Bernie or Liz offer them.

That's why the new Democratic party can't rely on elections. Instead they have decided that impeachment jihad is the way to go.