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Tuesday, January 28, 2020


The trained hamsters in the main stream media watch Donald Trump's twitter feed like hawks, looking for something—anything—that will allow them to characterize him in a negative light. I have to admit he gives them plenty to work with.
"Trump retweets Katie Hopkins, controversial British columnist ..."

Trump Retweets Post [Identifying] Alleged 'whistleblower' ...

Trump Retweet Incendiary Anti-Muslim videos ...
are but a few of the many times that the media has called out Trump for politically incorrect retweets.

Okay, then. That's fair, I suppose. Trump doesn't seem to consider the ramifications of some of his tweets and retweets.

This past weekend, anti-Israel Rep. Rashida Talib (D-MI) retweeted yet another "blood libel" against Israel. Erielle Davidson reports:
This past weekend, Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib retweeted a story that falsely accused Israelis of killing a Palestinian child in Jerusalem, when in fact, Israeli first responders had attempted to revive the child before he tragically passed.

Tlaib retweeted a tweet by Hanan Ashrawi, a Palestinian leader and activist, who had quote-tweeted an account that claimed Israeli settlers had kidnapped and assaulted an eight-year old Palestinian boy before tossing him into a well. Ashrawi commented, “The heart just shatters.” But none of the details outlining the young boy’s death were true.

The young boy, named Qais Abu Ramila, had gone missing Friday afternoon before slipping in a reservoir of rainwater in East Jerusalem’s Beit Hanina neighborhood and accidentally drowning. Israeli first responders attempted to revive Abu Ramila but were tragically unable to do so.

According to Kann News, police stated that “efforts at the rainwater reservoir lasted throughout the night… Unfortunately the boy was found lifeless, and Magen David Adom [paramedics] were forced to declare him dead.”

Despite the unfortunate chain of events, rumors spread throughout the young boy’s neighborhood that Jewish “settlers” were responsible for his death, resulting in a mob of Palestinian rock throwers attempting to assail a nearby Jewish neighborhood. Dani Dayan, the consul general of Israel in New York, compared Tlaib’s retweet, for which she has yet to apologize, to “blood libel.”
Talib's retweet is no surprise. She's a noted leftist who has become a propagandist for the palestinian cause. Nor is the media's concerted effort to bury the story any surprise. When a prominent Democrat does something dumb or despicable, the media seems to have a code of Omerta—a code of silence. Look the other way, don't comment, and hope the buried story goes away. Or to state it in a tweet:

It looks like the Dems, when confronted with Talib's anti-Israel propaganda have adopted omerta as well.To my knowledge, not a single prominent Democrat has criticized Talib for her retweet. Talib is one of Bernie Sander's spokespeople on the campaign trail (no surprise there) but Bernie hasn't said a word about her anti-Israel bias (could be because Bernie agrees with it) and worse, hasn't be queried about it by the Democrat's trained hamsters in the media. Omerta.

It's worth noting the the source of Talib's retweet is Hanan Ashrawi, founder of the antisemitic, terrorist-apologist organization known as MIFTAH. Davidson provides some background:
... [MIFTAH] offered to sponsor Tlaib and Rep. Ilhan Omar’s (D-Minn.) trip to Israel last year before Israel denied them both entry for their involvement with anti-Israel movements.

For those unfamiliar, MIFTAH has published an article claiming the blood libel against Jews to be true, a lie that accuses Jews of murdering Christian children in order to use their blood to make matzah at Passover, as well as re-published (and later deleted) content produced by neo-Nazis.

... Despite Tlaib’s prior ties to MIFTAH and her recent, now-deleted retweet, I have yet to see one journalist grill her on her insidious connections to an antisemitic hate group or on her latest attempt to spread a contemporary version of the same tired blood libel that has been used for centuries to justify violent mobs attacking Jews.
The new Democrat party (of which Talib is a rising star] is becoming increasingly anti-Israel and covertly, anti-Semitic. It's not only what they say, it's also what they don't say when one of their own makes blatant anti-Semitic or anti-Israel proposals or statements (think: fellow 'Squad" member, Ilhan Omar). Jewish voters would be well-advised to #Walkaway.