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Thursday, January 16, 2020


Nancy Pelosi could hardly suppress a smile as she participated in the "somber" signing of articles of impeachment. The articles were then turned over to the seven Democrat "managers" who in a ridiculous procession, walked them over to the senate. Obviously instructed to be stone-faced (remember--somber) the dems had succeeeded in achieving their political goal on three years—to impeach a duly elected President of the United States. It doesn't matter that the grounds are baseless or that their entire crusade is built on hyper-partisan hatred of the man—they succeeded, and their base is now mollified.

It also doesn't matter that this whole affair is an embarrassment to our country and a perversion of the true seriousness of a real, justified impeachment. The Dems are wrong in this, but for the past 3+ years, they have been WRONG about almost everything.

To begin, they were absolutely certain that their candidate in 2016, Hillary Clinton, would obliterate the neanderthal Donald Trump. They were wrong.

And then ...
  • They were convinced that the Russians were responsible for Clinton's loss. Pollsters, election data, the voters, and common sense proved them wrong.
  • They were convinced that Donald Trump colluded with the Russians to win the election. A special counsel proved them wrong.
  • They asserted that Trump obstructed justice in a bogus investigation of his wrongdoing. The investigation was never impeded. They were wrong.
  • They swore that Trump called neo-Nazis "fine people." Existing video and a transcript of his remarks proved them wrong (and dishonest for promulgating a bald-faced lie).
  • They contended that Trump's support for moving Israel's capital to Jerusalem would cause war in the Middle East. They were wrong.
  • They told us that withdrawing from the infamous "Iran Deal" (JCPOA) would somehow be worse than staying in an unenforceable and weak arrangement and that additional Trump-imposed sanctions were counterproductive. The sanctions have lead to significant popular unrest inside Iran that just might lead to regime change. They were wrong.
  • They argued that Trump's trade confrontation with China would result in economic war that we would lose. This week Trump is signing the first part of a trade deal that benefits the United States. They were wrong.
  • They tell us that only "the rich" are benefiting from Trump's economic policies as we experience the best economy in 50 years. The U.S. Department of Commerce (among others) indicates that the greatest wage and employment benefits accrue to the middle and lower class workers. Again, the Dems are wrong.
  • They told us that only "the rich" got tax reductions. IRS data indicates that isn't true. They were wrong.
  • They tell us that Trump's immigration policies would not stem the tide of illegal immigration. In fact, illegal entries into the United States at at a multi-year low. They were wrong.
  • They told us that the killing of General Qassem Soleimani was somehow unjustified and would lead to a major war. They were wrong.
  • They refused to express outright, unequivocal support for the Iranian resistance movement. That's morally reprehensible and politically suicidal. They are wrong.
And now, they tell us that Trump should be impeached over a phone call that led to no tangible action, no meaningful, long term withholding of foreign aid, and absolutely no investigation of a member of their party who had questionably corrupt dealings with the Ukraine while he was VP of the United States. They further tell us that the witnesses they failed to question must now be called by the judge and jury for impeachment because ... fairness when their House proceedings were anything but fair. Yet again, they are wrong.

For the past 3 years, the Democrats have been wrong consistently in things large and small. Someone please tell me why we should believe anything they say or assert about impeachment now?

More importantly, why should any voter believe that anything their candidates propose (if elected president) is anything but WRONG?


This analysis by the editors of the Wall Street Journal is right on target:
The fundamental question is whether Mr. Trump committed “treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.” These should be defined as either exercising powers a President does not have, or violating some statute or constitutional prohibition. The former could be spending money not appropriated by Congress or quartering troops in the Capitol. The latter could be, say, lying under oath or using the IRS to punish political opponents.

In our view the facts of the Ukraine imbroglio don’t qualify as impeachable on either grounds. Mr. Trump exhibited poor judgment in unleashing Rudy Giuliani to ask Ukraine to investigate Joe and Hunter Biden. He did the same in undermining his own Ukraine policy by delaying the delivery of military aid.

But both efforts were resisted by his advisers and Members of Congress. The aid ultimately flowed and there was no Ukraine investigation. Mr. Trump broke no law, and other Presidents have tried to use foreign policy to serve domestic political ends. Voters may conclude these are grounds for denying Mr. Trump re-election. But if they are enough to short-circuit a presidential term, then many more Presidents will be impeached.

The second article—obstruction of Congress—is even weaker. Democrats want to oust Mr. Trump simply for defending his powers as President to have confidential discussions with his top advisers. Bill Clinton made similar privilege claims but lost in court. The House could have gone to court against Mr. Trump to see how its claims played out. But Democrats wanted to rush to meet their own arbitrary political calendar, and now they want the Senate to do what the House wouldn’t.
Yeah ... what the dems really want is to somehow allow the Senate and "impeachment" remove Donald Trump from office—something they fear that the voters won't do.