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Monday, February 17, 2020


Partisans within the government who oppose Donald Trump , exemplified by members of the DoJ who were leftover's from the previous Democrat administration and/or career civil servants who lean heavily Democratic, have used one dominant strategy in their efforts to derail Trump's presidency—ambush. It began with the DNC and Hillary Clinton who colluded with Russian sources to develop a phony dossier that accused trump of sexual deviance and financial wrong-doing. That was the predicate that allowed a corrupt FBI Director, James Comey, to ambush Trump by telling him about a dossier that he knew was bunk. After that meeting, Comey leaked the details of the dossier to a compliant media.

When that ambush failed with the revelation that the dossier was garbage, Trump fired Comey, but that set yet another ambush. In what can only be called the epitome of irony, the Dems then accused Trump of "collusion" and demanded a Special Counsel to investigate him. The ambush continued for over two years with additional firefights that enveloped his Supreme Court nominees and cabinet appointees.

The investigation set still another ambush when Trump rightly complained it was a partisan "witch hunt." The Dems claimed his comments amounted to "obstruction of Justice" and hyperventilated about "a threat to democracy" and "unconstitutional behavior." That ambush failed when the special counsel couldn't find any collusion or obstruction. But he did word his report to set yet another ambush by implying obstruction.

When that ambush failed, the Dems found a deep state, deeply-partisan "whistleblower" who set yet another ambush by suggesting the Trump had demanded an investigation of Joe Biden—a quid pro quo. Trump's reaction (he charged into the ambush) allowed the Dems to create yet another ambush and impeach him, but even that ambush failed miserably.

Just recently, the sentencing recommendation for smear-meister Roger Stone set yet another ambush—more on that in a moment.

Ambush, after ambush, after ambush—all failed with Trump stronger than ever.

Conservative firebrand and ex-infantry officer, Kurt Schlichter, offers an explanation. He relates a simple infantry doctrine that states: When ambushed, you charge toward the fire rather than away from it. It's your best chance of survival. Schlichter contends that Donald Trump understands that doctrine at a visceral level. He uses the Roger Stone case as an example:
Here’s how these [DoJ] weasels laid their ambush. These rump doofuses on the Mueller coup accomplice team were preparing a sentencing memo for the judge in the Roger Stone case. Now, let’s leave aside the fact that the ghastly, targeted prosecution of this harmless gadfly treated justice like hobos treat the sidewalks of the Cesspool-By-The-Bay. Let’s pretend this was not a scummy political persecution for “crimes” that establishment suck-ups commit with impunity. Let’s forget all that and pretend his conviction was legit rather than another seedy attempt by Hillary-loving bureaucrats to get at Trump via his associates.

That’s a lot of disbelief to suspend, but go with it. Okay, the sentencing memo gives the government’s perspective on the appropriate sentence based on such factors as the sentencing guidelines, the effect of the crime, the prior crimes of the convict, and other factors like age. For these non-violent offenses by a first-time offender of age 67, which caused zero harm, and were related to the “collusion” that even Mueller’s pack of scummy Democrats were forced to admit was a lie, you would expect somewhere from a few months to a couple of years in Club Fed. And apparently that’s what the persecutors briefed to their bosses, because in a high-vis case like this, flunky attorneys brief their bosses at the DOJ.

These hacks instead asked for 7 to 9 years.

Literally no one on earth could say in good faith that was remotely appropriate for this case. None, at least not without lying. It’s equal to a death sentence, but then it’s a Trump associate so there are apparently special rules. And you’ll notice few of the Dems whining about this say this is an appropriate sentence – at least not with a straight face.

They did it to make Trump react. They knew the establishment and its submissive media would freak out. They thought they could derail his most epic run ever.

Well, Trump reacted. He tweeted the manifest and undeniable truth – that the liberal persecutors were treating Lady Justice like Harvey Weinstein treated eager starlets, except without the sop of a minor supporting role in a Gwyneth Paltrow flick.

Trump charged right into the ambush.

The reaction was predictable, especially after the DOJ brass realized these punks had bait and switched their sentencing recommendation. The DOJ promised to revise the recommendation and the media and liberal pols went nuts. .. Then [Trump] questioned the judge’s impartiality, which you are not allowed to do because of reasons unless it's Gorsuch or Kavanaugh. Then it’s totally principled, the principle being “the elite gets its way.”

So, we got the #ImpeachBarr hashtags and the Very Serious Lawyers on Twitter and CNN explaining how undoing this breaking of norms and rules is a terrible breaking of norms and rules. As a lawyer, let me give you some free advice – take Twitter lawyer advice with a grain of salt. And that grain should be approximately the size of Mothra.

Today, the New York Times
celebrates the Roger Stone ambush by telling us that 1,000 DoJ lawyers wrote a letter demanding AG William Barr's resignation. Oh my, that was surely spontaneous, just like the letter they all wrote when the FBI IG found that DoJ officials lied to the FISA court in order to conduct surveillance that led to other ambushes. Oh wait ... there wasn't any letter, was there? Yeah, the outrage of Democratic deep state lawyers is a bit selective, isn't it?

What the deep state #Resistance fighters don't realize is that every ambush exposes unethical and/or corrupt behavior among the partisan deep state [think: Crossfire Hurricane scandal], the Democrat elites [think: Joe Biden and son], and their trained hamsters in the media [think: CNN or MSNBC or CBS or ABC or NBC, ...]. The ambushes highlight the viciousness and dishonesty of Trump's political opposition. And as important, the ambushes highlight another clear reality about his attackers and Trump himself. The attackers lose—every time, and Trump wins—every time. In fact, in at least some cases (the Roger Stone case being one of them) it almost seems as if Trump purposely walks into the ambush ... and then charges forward while his attackers are decimated (think: collusion, obstruction, Kavanaugh, impeachment, and now Stone). In a strange way, it's fun to watch.