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Tuesday, February 04, 2020

Not a Shadow of a Doubt

In the immediate aftermath of the Iowa caucus debacle in which the Democrats' high tech reporting solution failed so badly that no winner could be determined one day after voting, the Dems continue to couch themselves as the smartest kids on the block, masters of high tech wizardry, the best people to take our country into the 21st century. And yet,

1. This is weirdly reminiscent of the debacle that occurred when the Democrat's Obamacare initiative was rolled out. The website that was created was error prone and flakey, often didn't work, had bad information, and cost an exorbitant amount. Remember that?

2. Now we have a relatively simple application—reporting caucus results. So ... a progressive tech firm, Shadow, was paid big money by the Dem campaigns to speed up reporting. Except, it didn't work.

It's not unfair to note that these are the same people who want to:

a. overhaul our entire healthcare system,
b. change the manner in which higher education is administered and paid for,
c. offer a guaranteed income to more than a few Americans,
d. judge the quality of a task force not by the competence and experience of its members but rather by its "diversity."
e. ensure that the integrity of our elections is maintained and that they are afraid that outsiders (and/or, the current President) will somehow corrupt the accuracy of the vote.

To paraphrase a Scott Adams' tweet,
If the Democrats win the presidency and demand that we overhaul the country, I sure hope it doesn't involve any apps.
There are far more important reasons, but this latest comedy in Iowa is yet another example of why the Dems don't deserve to lead.