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Wednesday, February 05, 2020

Ripping It Up

I have on a number of occasions suggested that we've reached peak Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS). I thought that the Democrat's hatred of Donald Trump, their inability to accept defeat in the 2016 elections, and their pathetic "resistance" movement would abate as time passed because—it's hurting them politically and making them look like petulant children who would rather throw a tantrum than move on to other things that might actually benefit the people who elected them.

I thought that the Dems' despicable behavior during the Kavanaugh hearings was peak TDS—after all, attempting to destroy a man's reputation and life based on an evidence-free fantasy espoused by a Democrat partisan seemed pretty extreme. Nope.

I thought that a two year 'witch hunt' conducted by Robert Mueller who ultimately found no evidence of Russian collusion" defined peak TDS. Nope.

I thought that a bogus and partisan impeachment driven by a "whistleblower" who was also a Democrat partisan was peak TDS. Nope.

I thought that accusing the Senate of a "coverup" as it moves to acquit Donald Trump of empty charges brought by the democratic House was peak TDS. Nope.

And last night, at the conclusion of the President's State of the Union address (a speech BTW, that was quite moderate overall) I watched as Nancy Pelosi acted like a ill-behaved 4-year old girl who didn't get her way and tantrum-like, tore up the hardcopy of the speech before a national TV audience. Peak TDS? Nope.

Michael Goodwin comments:
Here’s a question for Speaker Nancy Pelosi: Have you heard of Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity? The one where he says it’s “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”?

To judge by your conduct, I’m guessing you haven’t. Either that or you think Einstein was an idiot, too.

Then again, maybe you’re a secret Republican agent trying to re-elect President Trump. Is that why you keep making the same mistake over and over again?

You’ve been screwing up for three years, starting with the juvenile resistance where you refused even to negotiate over big national interests such as border control. Then, just when it seemed you couldn’t sink any lower than that cheap, partisan impeachment you engineered, you hit a new low during the State of the Union.

Your mumbling and sneering smiles throughout President’s Trump’s powerful address were bad enough, but your decision to tear into shreds your copy of his speech and drop it like a dead fish was shameful beyond measure.

Coming immediately after he finished, and while he was still on the podium, you had to know the television cameras would catch you. No doubt that was your goal — to display your disgust to the nation and the world. Viva la resistance!
It's almost as if the Dems get off on acting increasingly petulant and crazy.* It must make them feel good in some bizarre way. Because what Pelosi did was a VERY bad move politically—making her and her party look like brats, rather than mature adults.

Donald Trump has gotten into their heads in a way that no other GOP politician ever has and as a consequence, he has highlighted a viciousness and petulance that is ugly. The Dem base may cheer, but the rest of the electorate notices and not in a good way. Peak TDS is nowhere in sight, but another loss for the Dems in 2020 is becoming increasingly visible as the Dems implode before our eyes.


* Roger Simon adds a comment on Pelosi's infantile behavior:
For seemingly decades our mainstream media friends have assured us, literally drilled into our brains, that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was the master strategist of our time, a veritable political genius of extraordinary proportions.

I beg to differ.

She’s closer to a nine-year old who is out of control.

She demonstrated this during the State of the Union address when, sitting behind Trump during his speech, listening to accomplishment after accomplishment, she fidgeted like a third grader with an attention deficit disorder and then, on the president’s conclusion, stood up in full view of everyone and made a show of ripping her hard copy of his speech in half.

For a split second I wondered if she was having a nervous breakdown, it was such a bizarre display on live television, bound to turn off, even sicken, any normal person viewing it. I imagined video replays of her behavior all over Twitter from now until November. (They’ve already started, as I’m sure some of you know.)

It was as if Nancy were a secret agent working under deep cover to reelect Donald Trump.
To once again paraphrase Glen Reynolds: "All the Dems have to do is not act crazy, and they can't even do that."