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Wednesday, February 26, 2020

The Same Could Happen

Neo is a blogger whose insightful commentary is worth an occasional read. She characterizes herself this way:
Previously a lifelong Democrat, born in New York and living in New England, surrounded by liberals on all sides, I found myself slowly but surely leaving the fold and becoming that dread thing: conservative. My friends and family didn’t want to hear about my inexplicable conversion, so I started this blog to tell the tale of my political change and provide a forum for others. I have a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy (not practicing), but my politics make me a pariah there, too.
In a recent post she dismisses the notion that Bernie is a sure loser in the general election, writing:
It’s hubris to think that you know what’s going to happen in a Trump vs. Sanders matchup next Election Day. Yes, all signs are pointing to a Trump victory. I get that. But that was the exact reason so many Democrats wanted Trump nominated in 2016 – because he was a surefire loss for the Republicans and all signs pointed to a Clinton victory. How’d that turn out for them? “Pass the popcorn,” indeed.

In that same post I wrote on February 3, I noted that a good friend of mine who had heretofore been a moderate Democrat is now a big Bernie fan. I still haven’t found out why – although I still plan to ask her about it, she’s been mega-busy – but hearing her say that gave me a new perspective into the Bernie phenomenon. If this person can support Bernie, a lot of non-leftists could. And to me, that spells trouble.

After all, we’ve had over three years of relentless anti-Trump propaganda and it has to have had an effect. A lot of people, and not just leftists, hate his guts and literally want him dead They would vote for the proverbial yellow dog rather than Trump – or vote for a Socialist like Bernie to stop him.

I sincerely hope not. But I’m not getting out my popcorn popper.
Although her comments have merit, I continue to believe that barring a black swan event or some massive fail by Trump, Bernie—should he get the nomination—will lose in the general election. Remember that his extreme socialist positions have not been exposed by his fellow Dems, who actually agree with many of them. That will change dramatically in the general election.*

Having said that, Neo's comments are worth heeding. No one gave Trump a chance, and now he's President. I suppose the same could happen with Bernie.


* An uncritical left-wing media, along with other Dem candidates, like the idea of medicare for all, but differ on the approach. However, Bernie is a purist—a true socialist—so his healthcare plan will become the target for justifiable criticism. James Freeman recounts the research conducted by University of Chicago economist, Casey Mulligan, who created a furor in 2014 when he demonstrated that Obamacare resulted in net job losses across the economy. Worse, Mulligan's conclusions were adopted by the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office, much to the dismay of Democrats. The Dems trained hamsters in the media downplayed Mulligan's conclusions.

Mulligan has recently analyzed Bernie's healthcare propose and concluded:
If fully implemented, but otherwise implemented wisely, Senator Sanders’ agenda for the economy would reduce real GDP and consumption by 24 percent. Real wages would fall more than 50 percent after taxes. Employment and hours would fall 16 percent combined. There would be less total healthcare, less childcare, less energy available to households, and less value added in the university sector. Although it is more difficult to forecast, the stock market would likely fall more than 50 percent.
Ouch. But is anyone really surprised? This is what socialism does—it wrecks economies, destroys jobs, and hurts the very people socialists keep telling us they want to help.

Freeman concludes his discussion this way:
In his new post, [Mulligan] considers the downside for not just health care but collegiate education and day care services as well:
If their productivity fell by 25 percent, which is optimistic as nationalizations go (see Chapter 8 of the 2019 ERP), then the output of those industries would have to be cut by 25 percent. To be clear, the result would be less healthcare, less college, and less daycare.
On the other hand, sometimes President Trump tweets too much.
So ... those who would vote for Bernie, not because they like his ideas, but because they're for Anyone-but-Trump, might want to consider the ramifications of that decision. Bernie Sanders will try to "fundamentally transform" our country should he win. It's just that a critical assessment of the transformation he wants will undoubtedly yield some pretty scary results.


It's sometimes worth listening to those who have actually lived through the chaos and destruction that occurs as a consequence of a transformation from capitalism and free markets to socialism. In our hemisphere, Venezuela, once the richest country in South America and now among the poorest, is a prima facie example. Jon Street reports on a Washington protest by young Venezuelan immigrants:
At a Washington, D.C. protest, Campus Reform's Cabot Phillips spoke with individuals who escaped socialism in Venezuela to come to America.

"You do not ever want anyone, not even close, to socialism to come to this country," one person said.

The same person specifically invoked Sanders' name.

"Bernie Sanders is your enemy. Do not ever get involved with this individual or any of the other socialists," he said.

"It is not the route to go. It is not possible. It is not feasible. Don't fall for it," another said.

"We also thought that this could never happen in our country," one victim of socialism said about the economic system's perils. "We had a balance of powers. We had democracy and we elected our leaders."

One person who said that he was born and raised in Venezuela said that he has seen the country "deteriorate" under socialism.
The protected, pampered, safe-space, woke crowd of young people who support Sander are literally clueless of the realities of the ideology Sanders espouses. One can only wonder what these children who are "triggered" by unkind words would react to death squads, food lines, no medical care, and a thousand other indignities that socialism brought to Venezuela.