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Thursday, March 05, 2020

Amplification Effect

The Democrats and their trained hamsters in the media successfully conflated a Russian collusion hoax with the Russian's actual use of social media psy-ops (along with less-than-subtle hacking of the DNC servers) in a low level attempt to impact the 2016 presidential election. When Hillary Clinton suffered an upset loss, her team concocted the canard that she lost in part because of Russian interference. It's absolute nonsense, of course. There were legitimate reasons why Clinton went down—like dishonesty, corruption, a flawed campaign strategy, and distain for half the country. But the collusion canard worked well enough to lead to a 2-year special counsel investigation and indirectly, to an impeachment. It was the beginning of a 3-year trail of lies that won't stop until Trump is out of office.

This week's lie, disproven but believed by those ignorant enough to avoid the facts, is that Trump called the coronavirus a "hoax." He. Did. Not.

But back to the Russians and the upcoming election. Best estimates indicate that the Russians spent in the neighborhood of $100,000 in 2016. That's a laughably small dollar amount, if you argue that it was sufficient to swing a national election. Of course, the Dems and their media hamsters amplified the impact of Russian spending after Trump won (essentially doing the Russian's work for them). Their despicable efforts have succeed in undermining confidence in the electoral process—exactly the objective of Russian meddling.

I ran across this tweet yesterday:
If only [Democrat candidate, Michael] Bloomberg had hired Russians to buy $100,000 in barely literate Facebook ads, instead of spending $700 MILLION, he’d be president now. That’s what the media have told us for 3+ years.
Michael Bloomberg spent hundreds of millions of dollars and got enough votes to win American Samoa. How much do you think the Russians would have achieved for 100K after the 2016 election, had it not been for the amplification effect of the Dems and their trained hamsters in the media?