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Monday, May 04, 2020


Golf is an interesting sport for many reasons, but dominant among them is how the game tests your mental stability and psychological strength. When you hit a really bad shot in a critical situation (an all too common occurrence) you can dwell on the mistake, amplifying the chances that you'll hit another really bad shot and make matters even worse. Or, you can let the bad shot go (psychologically) and decide how to recover from it with your next shot. It isn't easy to do that, and only the very best golfers can accomplish the feat on a regular basis, but it is possible.

Back on April 15th, I wrote this in a post:
There is growing evidence that the Wuhan Seafood Market—the now infamous Wuhan "wet market" that we've all heard about—was not the "patient zero" source of COVID-19. Instead, it may be that the virus originated from the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Even worse, there are indications that COVID-19 might have been a genetically modified virus in which researchers in Wuhan grafted the protein into bat corona virus that enables it to threaten humans much like SARS. The evidence to support this is circumstantial, but no less compelling. More in a moment, but first a digression.

The Democrats' trained hamsters in the mainstream media have been particularly uninterested in investigating the origins of the Wuhan virus. As has become their standard response, they treat any evidence or claim that threatens their prevailing narrative* as "conspiracy theory." They did this successfully with the soft coup attempt that was launched inside the federal government to destroy Donald Trump. Now, multiple investigations indicate that the soft coup was real, but like the crazed Japanese soldiers who wandered the jungles for years after World War II was over, the leftist ideologues in the media insist on continuing the fight.

So expect anyone who suggests that the Chinese are directly culpable for creating the virus and then covering up the growing evidence that it escaped their Wuhan lab to be labeled a 'crazy.' The left uses biased "fact checkers" to label the claims as "false" or "crazy" or "wildly speculative." It's S.O.P. on the Left to resort to the politics of personal destruction and name calling when their narrative is threatened.
As further intelligence has been gathered, it appears that those of us who were labeled as "conspiracy theorists" by the trained hamsters in the media were correct all along. The spread of COVID-19 is, in fact, the result of a Chernobyl-like screw-up by the Wuhan Virology Lab coupled with duplicitous behavior by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) that banned domestic flights from Wuhan within China (to stop domestic spread) but allowing international flights to proceed without warning the destination country of the threat that arriving passengers (effective COVID-19 vectors) posed.

There are signs of gross incompetence, and worse, duplicity on the part of the Chinese.

Here's where golf enters the picture.

In this case, the incompetent and duplicitous behavior of the Chinese can be viewed as a really, really, really bad shot that did great harm
around the world. Leaders within our government can dwell on it now, increasing international tensions and accomplishing nothing. Or, they can set it aside (at least for the moment) and focus on recovering from this disaster. Sure, we could do both at the same time, but right now, focusing on the blame game (and China certainly is responsible), threatening new tariffs and other sanctions, demanding reparations (that will never be paid) is foolhardy and counterproductive.

Donald Trump, Mike Pompeo and their spokespeople should set this aside until we're out of the COVID-19 woods—itself a long and perilous journey made even more difficult by a series of bad policy decisions driven not by "science" but by fear and hysteria.

There may come a time for a reckoning with China, but right now, any effort to make the CCP pay will only amplify our problems and accomplish nothing. We have to let the bad shot go and focus on how to recover from it.