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Wednesday, June 24, 2020

"Barack and Me"

It almost feels mean to suggest that Joe Biden is no longer capable of making coherent policy decisions. Biden exhibits all the signs of cognitive disability—struggling with word retrieval, confusing the sequence of temporal events, misspeaking, or worse, inventing events that never happened, and when not reading prepared or oft-repeated content, coming off as garbled or completely incoherent. It's sad that the Democrats believe that an individual with these disabilities is competent to be president. Even worse is the possibility that a man with these disability may be elected to the presidency.

Joe likes the phrase, "Barack and Me," riding the coattails of a president who was adored by the media and all Democrats. The fact that the Obama administration, of which Biden was the #2 guy, was scandal-ridden and ineffectual is irrelevant. It will be "Barack and Me" until November.

Among the many atrocious foreign policy positions taken by the "Barack and Me" administration was Obama's personal and policy antipathy toward Israel. Following left-wing dogma, Obama and his foreign policy Team of 2s viewed Israel as an "oppressor" and as such, did everything possible to diss the small democracy's leadership, block its ability to defend itself from a sea of violent Arab enemies, and otherwise attempt to embarrass Israel at the UN.

In a recent piece in The Lid, Jeff Dunetz recounts Barack Obama's last vile attack on Israel:
Less than a month before he left office, Barack Obama led the creation of U.N. Security Council (UNSC) Resolution 2334, which stated that Israel’s presence in Judea, Samaria, and East Jerusalem was a violation of International Law. Obama directed U.N. Ambassador Samantha Power to abstain when it came to a vote rather than veto the anti-Israel resolution in the U.N. Security Council. Since the abstention allowed the resolution to pass, the Obama action had the same effect as an anti-Israel U.N. Vote. A new report claims Obama wasn’t done. He had one last anti-Israel resolution to push through, but he was stymied by a threat by Russian President Putin that his U.N. rep would issue a veto, blocking it from passing.

On the day of the U.N. vote, President Trump’s choice for National Security Advisor General Mike Flynn spoke to the Russian Ambassador to the U.S. Sergey Kislyak about the upcoming UNSC vote. Per the transcript of the Flynn/Kislyak calls released on May 29th, 2020, Kislyak explained that Russia would have to delay it 2334, but if it came to a vote, Russia would have no choice but to vote for the resolution.
Because of Russia's threat, Obama, always a political coward, backed off, afraid that the Russian veto would cost the Dems the Jewish vote going forward into the new Trump administration.

I doubt that Joe Biden could cogently discuss this event (he might not even remember it), but it would be worth asking him about it and his position toward Israel should he become President.  I'm certain Joe has been programmed to say he's Israel's greatest friend, but if he is, it might be interesting to ask why he didn't push back when the events Dunetz described transpired. Of course that won't happen, given a media that is already working to protect Biden from hard questions.

Should he win in November, Biden will be a pawn who is manipulated by the dictates of the Democrats' increasingly hard-left base and beholden to the Bernie Bros often extreme left positions. Joe Biden-4.0 would be no moderate. Instead, his administration would be an anti-business, big government cabal that would increase our already overwhelming national debt, maintain the victim and dependency culture that was cultivated when he was VP, and otherwise give us socialism-lite. And yeah, even if he isn't unaware of it, his administration (and VP ) will  be at least as anti-Israel as "Barack and Me."